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Born in Maple Valley Washington, Ashley is a University of Washington alumni enamored by the history of US politics and the current climate. She is a passionate activist for the marginalized community with topics such as reproductive rights, racial injustice, and closing the income gap. Ashley loves reading fiction, loves cleaning anything and everything, and is an absolute music junkie.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


This article will address the mission of Christian Faith-Based Initiatives and the correlation of this mission to positive reform in the United States carceral state. The method of identifying positive reform is dependent on the increase in rehabilitation programs, the decrease in recidivism rates, and the anecdotal evaluation of reentry into society. The demographic will primarily focus on men and women between the ages 18 to 65, including all ethnic and racial backgrounds, and use the previous religious affiliation to predict the effectiveness of Christian Faith-Based Initiatives. This article will assess the level of significance of progressive Christian Faith-Based Initiatives on increased rehabilitation, decreased recidivism, positive reform, and gradual, well-ordered reentry into contemporary society. These assessments will also consider bipartisan political approval, the sustainable monetary funding of FBI programs, and individual-based “success stories”. The primary evaluation of this declaration will rely on evidence-based academic scholarly reviews, direct information from Christian FB Initiative advocacy groups and individuals, and secondary contemporary analysis. With the turn of the twenty-first century throughout the national carceral-state in US, Christian Faith-Based Initiatives inherently accomplish a significant positive goal, on all incarcerated or previously incarcerated adults, through implementing change with bipartisan support, and sustainable monetary funding to satisfy the idealistic states of the four “R’s”.


University of Washington Tacoma


TPOLS480 Politics: Policing and Prisons in the US


Emily Thuma