Submissions from 2019

Engaging Teachers in the Powerful Combination of Mathematical Modeling and Social Justice: The Flint Water Task - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Julia Aguirre, Cynthia Anhalt, Ricardo Cortez, Erin E. Turner, and Ksenija Simic-Muller

Preparing to Use the Teachers Empowered to Advance Change in Mathematics Modules: Considerations for Mathematics Teacher Educators, Julia M. Aguirre and Tonya Gau Bartell

Real-Time Partitioned Scheduling: Exploiting the Inter-Resource Affinity for Task Allocation on Multiprocessors, N. Akram, J. Li, Y. Bai, and Y. Zhang

Integrating Hardware Prototyping Platforms Into the Classroom, E. Al-Masri

Lab-As-A-Service (LaaS): A Middleware Approach for Internet-Accessible Laboratories, E. Al-Masri


Imagining Homeland: New Media Use Among Korean International Graduate Students in the U.S.A., Ahmet Atay, Margaret U. D'Silva, and Ji-Hyun Ahn


Reproductive Division of Labor in a Colony of Artificial Ants, Peter Bae and Chris Marriott

An Analytics Handbook: Moving From Evidence to Impact, Linda Baer and Colleen Carmean

Induction of Microbial Oxidative Stress as a New Strategy to Enhance the Enzymatic Degradation of Organic Micropollutants in Synthetic Wastewater, Amrita Bains, Octavio Perez-Garcia, Gavin Lear, David R. Greenwood, Simon Swift, Martin J. Middleditch, Edward P. Kolodziej, and Naresh Singhal

Contrasting Arsenic Cycling in Strongly and Weakly Stratified Contaminated Lakes: Evidence for Temperature Control on Sediment–water Arsenic Fluxes, P. M. Barrett, E. A. Hull, K. Burkart, O. Hargrave, J. McLean, V. F. Taylor, B. P. Jackson, J. E. Gawel, and R. B. Neumann


“‘The Strata of My History’: Reading the Ecological Chronotope in Wendell Berry’s That Distant Land”, Ellen Bayer

EcoJust STEM Education Mobilized Through Counter-Hegemonic Globalization, L. Bencze, L. Carter, R. Levinson, I. Martins, C. Pouliot, M. Weinstein, and M. Zouda


Participatory Research Principles in Human-Centered Design: Engaging Teens in the Co-Design of a Social Robot, Elin A. Björling and Emma Rose

Can We Keep Him Forever? Teens’ Engagement and Desire for Emotional Connection With a Social Robot, Elin A. Björling, Emma Rose, Andrew Davidson, Rachel Ren, and Dorothy Wong

Participatory Pilot of an Art-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Adolescent Girls With Headache, Elin A. Björling, Christine Stevens, and Narayan B. Singh


Book Clubs in Academic Libraries: A Case Study and Toolkit, Alaina C. Bull, Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman, and Kari Whitney

Participatory Video: An Apparatus for Ethically Researching Literacy, Power and Embodiment, Alison Cardinal

What’s in a Name? A Synthesis of “Allyship” Elements From Academic and Activist Literature, Juliana Carlson, Cliff Leek, Erin Casey, Rich Tolman, and Christopher Allen

Algorithmically Generated Domain Detection and Malware Family Classification, C. Choudhary, R. Sivaguru, M. Pereira, B. Yu, A.C. Nascimento, and M. De Cock


Hospital Detention of Mothers and Their Infants at a Large Provincial Hospital: A Mixed-Methods Descriptive Case Study, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Karen D. Cowgill and Abel Mukengeshayi Ntambue

Food Security in the Context of Paternal Incarceration: Family Impact Perspectives, K.M. Davison, C. D'Andreamatteo, S. Markham, C. Holloway, G. Marshall, and V.L. Smye

Social Justice, Recognition Theory and the First Amendment: A New Approach to Hate Speech Restriction, Chris Demaske

Federal Weatherization and Health Education Team Up: Process Evaluation of a New Strategy to Improve Health Equity for People With Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Rachael De Souza, Robin Evans-Agnew, and Christine Espina


Evaluating Exposure of Northern Fur Seals, Callorhinus Ursinus, to Microplastic Pollution Through Fecal Analysis, M.J. Donohue, J. Masura, T. Gelatt, R. Ream, J.D. Baker, K. Faulhaber, and D.T. Lerner

Development and Prospective Validation of a Machine Learning-Based Risk of Readmission Model in a Large Military Hospital, Carly Eckert, Neris Nieves-Robbins, Elena Spieker, Tom Louwers, David Hazel, James Marquardt, Keith Solveson, Anam Zahid, Muhammad Ahmad, Richard Barnhill, T. Greg McKelvey, Robert Marshall, Eric Shry, and Ankur Teredesai

Accounting for HIV Health Disparities: Risk and Protective Factors Among Older Gay and Bisexual Men, Charles A. Emlet, Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, Hyun-Jun Kim, and Hyunzee Jung

Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Competencies: Proposing Connections Through a Review of the Research, Laura L. Feuerborn and Barbara Gueldner

Factor Validation of the Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline (SPBD) Survey, L.L. Feuerborn, A.D. Tyre, and M. Zečević

Ethno-Racial Diversity on Nonprofit Boards: A Critical Mass Perspective, C. Fredette and R. Bernstein

Privacy-Preserving Scoring of Tree Ensembles: A Novel Framework for AI in Healthcare, K. Fritchman, K. Saminathan, R. Dowsley, T. Hughes, M. De Cock, A. Nascimento, and A. Teredesai

Design of Human Activity Recognition Algorithms Based on a Single Wearable IMU Sensor, Chunming Gao, Wei Zhuang, Yi Chen, Jian Su, and Baowei Wang

From UX to Engagement: Connecting Theory and Practice, Addressing Ethics and Diversity, Ole Goethe, Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat, Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Huatong Sun, Effie L.-C. Law, and Xiangshi Ren

Nursing Professional Development’s Spirit of Inquiry Focus Areas, Mary G. Harper, Joan I. Warren, Dora Bradley, Susan L. Bindon, and Patsy Maloney

Meritorious Academic Partnership (MAP) Designation Program, Mary Harper and Patsy Maloney


Learning through Doing: Reflections on the use of Photovoice in an Undergraduate Community Psychology Classroom, Rachel M. Hershberg, Olivia Andringa, Katheryn Camm, Halimatu Hill, Joshua Little, Rebecca Smith, Sarah Wilkinson, and Sarah Wilkinson

Fathering Within Transnational and Mixed-Status Mayan Families: An Exploratory Study, Rachel M. Hershberg and M. Brinton Lykes

Critical Reflection About Socioeconomic Inequalities Among White Young Men From Poor and Working-Class Backgrounds, R.M. Hershberg and S.K. Johnson

Preliminary Study of Haptic Media for Future Digital Textbooks, Noriyuki Iwane, Chunming Gao, Makoto Yoshida, and Hajime Kishida

Developing an Emic Scale to Measure Ad-Evoked Nostalgia in a Collectivist Emerging Market, India, V. Jain, A. Merchant, S. Roy, and J.B. Ford


What's The Deal With Childcare: Childcare As A Women's Issue - And Why It Should Matter To Everyone, Jenny Janssen

Altered Vegetation Structure From Mechanical Thinning Treatments Changed Wildfire Behaviour in the Wildland–urban Interface on the 2011 Wallow Fire, Arizona, USA, Morris C. Johnson and Maureen C. Kennedy

Workplace Bullying, Biased Behaviours and Performance Review in the Nursing Profession: A Qualitative Study, S.L. Johnson

Workplace Bullying in the Nursing Profession, Susan Johnson

Incivility and Clinical Performance, Teamwork, and Emotions: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Susan L. Johnson, Katie A. Haerling, Weichao Yuwen, Van Huynh, and Chi Le

Factors Related to Intention to Leave and Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses at a Large Psychiatric Hospital, John Kagwe, Salene Jones, and Susan L. Johnson


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Human Rights, Turan Kayaoglu and Marie Juul Petersen


How Big Is Enough? Vegetation Structure Impacts Effective Fuel Treatment Width and Forest Resiliency, Maureen C. Kennedy, Morris C. Johnson, Kendra Fallon, and Deborah Mayer

Fuel Treatments Change Forest Structure and Spatial Patterns of Fire Severity, Arizona, USA, Maureen C. Kennedy, Morris C. Johnson, and Sarah C. Harrison


Experimental Design Principles to Choose the Number of Monte Carlo Replicates for Stochastic Ecological Models, M.C. Kennedy

Detection and Quantification of Metastable Photoproducts of Trenbolone and Altrenogest Using Liquid Chromatography–tandem Mass Spectrometry, Philip T. Kenyon, Haoqi Zhao, Xingjian Yang, Christopher Wu, David M. Cwiertny, and Edward P. Kolodziej

The Inclusive Family Support Model: Facilitating Openness for Post-Adoptive Families, JaeRan Kim and Angela Tucker

Public Housing Authorities in the Private Market, Rachel Garshick Kleit, Whitney Airgood-Obrycki, and Anaid Yerena

Intramolecular [2+2] Photocycloaddition of Altrenogest: Confirmation of Product Structure, Theoretical Mechanistic Insight, and Bioactivity Assessment., Edward P. Kolodziej, Nicholas C. Pflug, Eric V. Patterson, Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt, James B. Gloer, Kristopher McNeill, David M. Cwiertny, and Kristine H. Wammer

Assessing Collaborative Conservation: A Case Survey of Output, Outcome, and Impact Measures Used in the Empirical Literature, Tomas M. Koontz, Nicolas W. Jager, and Jens Newig

Are the Deadliest Mass Shootings Preventable? An Assessment of Leakage, Information Reported to Law Enforcement, and Firearms Acquisition Prior to Attacks in the United States, A. Lankford, K.G. Adkins, and E. Madfis

Parent-Offspring Conflict Over Reproductive Timing: Ecological Dynamics Far Away and at Other Times May Explain Spawning Variability in Pacific Herring, Gabriella Ljungström, Tessa B. Francis, Marc Mangel, and Christian Jørgensen


Parent-Offspring Conflict Over Reproductive Timing: Ecological Dynamics Far Away and at Other Times May Explain Spawning Variability in Pacific Herring, G. Ljungström, T.B. Francis, M. Mangel, and C. Jørgensen

Improving Application Migration to Serverless Computing Platforms: Latency Mitigation With Keep-Alive Workloads, W. Lloyd, M. Vu, B. Zhang, O. David, and G. Leavesley

Skills, Careers and Cross-Cultural Understanding: How Russian-American Journalism Education Collaboration Works, Maria Lukina and Chris Demaske


Advancing Urban Wildlife Research Through a Multi-City Collaboration, Seth B. Magle, Mason Fidino, Elizabeth W. Lehrer, Travis Gallo, Matthew P. Mulligan, María Jazmín Ríos, Adam A. Ahlers, Julia Angstmann, Amy Belaire, Barbara Dugelby, Ashley Gramza, Laurel Hartley, Brandon MacDougall, Travis Ryan, Carmen Salsbury, Heather Sander, Christopher Schell, Kelly Simon, Sarah St Onge, and David Drake

Ninety Years and Counting: The Past, Present, and Future of the Nursing Professional Development Specialty, P. Maloney and L. Woolforde


Generational Shifts: Adult Adoptee Scholars’ Perspective on Future Research and Practice, Hollee A. Mcginnis, Amanda L. Baden, Adam Y. Kim, and Jaeran Kim

Traumas Without Bodies: A Reply to Emma Hutchison’s Affective Communities, B. Meiches

The Politics of Annihilation: A Genealogy of Genocide, Benjamin Meiches


Between Hagiography and Wounded Attachment: Raphaël Lemkin and the Study of Genocide, Benjamin Meiches and Jeff Benvenuto


A More Complete Ahab: Into the Darkness of Moby-Dick, Andrea Modarres and Ellen Bayer


Journalism, Politics, and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Standing Rock and the Framing of Injustice, Ellen Moore


Dies-Non: Refusal of Work in the 21st Century, P. Mudu

Not Just Words: A 30-Year Exhortation to Love & Resistance, Beverly Naidus and Bob Spivey


Scaling and Complexity in Landscape Ecology, Erica A. Newman, Maureen C. Kennedy, Don A. Falk, and Don McKenzie


Apparent Competition, Lion Predation, and Managed Livestock Grazing: Can Conservation Value Be Enhanced?, Caroline C. Ng'weno, Steven W. Buskirk, Nicholas J. Georgiadis, Benard C. Gituku, Alfred K. Kibungei, Lauren M. Porensky, Daniel I. Rubenstein, and Jacob R. Goheen

Pokemon Go: Globalization, Randy Nichols


Elks Temple, Julie Nicoletta


Museum of Glass, Julie Nicoletta


Old City Hall, Julie Nicoletta


Pantages Theater, Julie Nicoletta


University of Washington, Tacoma, Julie Nicoletta


U.S. Courthouse at Union Station (Union Depot), Julie Nicoletta


Incidence of Catastrophic Expenditures Linked to Obstetric and Neonatal Care at 92 Facilities in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2015, Abel Mukengeshayi Ntambue, Françoise Kaj Malonga, Karen D. Cowgill, Michèle Dramaix-Wilmet, and Philippe Donnen

Preservation, Rejuvenation, or Confusion? Changing Package Designs for Heritage Brands, Ulrich R. Orth, Gregory M. Rose, and Altaf Merchant

Marketing Channel Strategy: An Omni-Channel Approach, Robert W. Palmatier, Eugene Sivadas, Louis W. Stern, and Adel I. El-Ansary

The Role of Aspect in the Acquisition of Ser and Estar in Locative Contexts by English-Speaking Learners of Spanish, Silvia Perpiñán, Rafael Marín, and Itziri Moreno Villamar

Evaluating Emerging Organic Contaminant Removal in an Engineered Hyporheic Zone Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, K.T. Peter, S. Herzog, Z. Tian, C. Wu, J.E. McCray, K. Lynch, and E.P. Kolodziej


The OIC and Children's Rights, Marie Juul Petersen and Turan Kayaoglu

The OIC's Human Rights Regime, Marie Juul Petersen and Turan Kayaoglu


A Nano-Biased Energy Management Using Reinforced Learning Multi-Agent on Layered Coalition Model: Consumer Sovereignty, M. R. Saifuddin, T. Logenthiran, R. T. Naayagi, and W. L. Woo

Integrating Work and Family Responsibilities: Experiences of Fathers of Children With Special Health Care Needs, Claudia Sellmaier


Real Time DC Water Tank Level Control Using Arduino Mega 2560, J. Sheng

Ruin Tours: Performing and Consuming Decay in Detroit, Emma Jean Slager

The Social Genesis in Learning, Josh Tenenberg

Social Genesis in Computing Education, Josh Tenenberg and Donald Chinn


The Challenge of Imputation in Explainable Artificial Intelligence Models, Ankur Teredesai, Carly Eckert, and Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad


Nobody Wants to Read Anymore! Using a Multimodal Approach to Make Literature Engaging, Riki Thompson and Matthew McIlnay

Asymptotic Counting Theorems for Primitive Juggling Patterns, E.R. Tou

A Study of Early Career Teachers’ Practices Related to Language and Language Diversity During Mathematics Instruction, E. Turner, A. Roth McDuffie, A. Sugimoto, J. Aguirre, T.G. Bartell, C. Drake, M. Foote, K. Stoehr, and A. Witters

Faith and Politics in the Public Sphere, Etga Ugur


Religious Frames: The Gülen Movement, Etga Ugur

Labor Radicalism and the Local Politics of Chinese Exclusion: Mayor Jacob Weisbach and the Tacoma Chinese Expulsion of 1885, Charles Williams

On Some Parameter Estimation Algorithms for the Nonlinear Exponential Autoregressive Model, Huan Xu, Feng Ding, and Jie Sheng


Young Adult Reflections on the Impact of Parental Incarceration and Reentry, Diane S. Young and Carrie Jefferson Smith