Submissions from 2018

Impact of IFRS Adoption on Reporting of Firm Efficiency: Case of Indian IT Firms, S. Bhatia and A. Tripathy

The Economics of Corporate Lobbying, Z. Cao, G.D. Fernando, A. Tripathy, and A. Upadhyay

Cultivating T-Shaped Professionals in the Era of Digital Transformation, H. Demirkan and J.C. Spohrer

Factors Influencing Hospital Readmission Penalties: Are They Really Under Hospitals’ Control?, R.P. Jindal, D.K. Gauri, G. Singh, and S. Nicholson

Corporate Social Responsibility and Word - Of - Mouth Intentions, B. Kang and E. Sivadas

Relative Value in Corporate Bond Sectors, F. Leng and G. Noronha

Should Cookie Monster Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle or Continue to Indulge? Insights Into Brand Icons, Altaf Merchant, K.A. LaTour, J.B. Ford, and M.S. LaTour

Cognitive Outcomes of Brand Heritage: A Signaling Perspective, F. Pecot, A. Merchant, P. Valette-Florence, and Barnier De

Selling, General, and Administrative Expense (SGA)-based Metrics in Marketing: Conceptual and Measurement Challenges, A. Ptok, R.P. Jindal, and W.J. Reinartz

Connections and Collaboration—Celebrating the Contributions of Barbara Gray, J. Purdy, J. Kish-Gephart, G.J. Labianca, and S. Ansari

Submissions from 2017

Smart Health: Big Data Enabled Health Paradigm Within Smart Cities, Haluk Demirkan, Md Ileas Pramanik, Raymond Y. Lau, and Md Abul Azad

Cognitive Computing, H. Demirkan, S. Earley, and R. R. Harmon

Is Real Earnings Smoothing Harmful? Evidence From Firm-Specific Stock Price Crash Risk, Inder K. Khurana, Raynolde Pereira, and Eliza (Xia) Zhang

On the Next Decade of Research in Voluntary Employee Turnover, T.W. Lee, P.W. Hom, M.B. Eberly, J.L.I. Jason, and T.R. Mitchell


Authenticity, Power, and Pluralism: A Framework for Understanding Stakeholder Evaluations of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities, Paul F. Skilton and Jill M. Purdy

Submissions from 2016

Perceived Managerial (Remote Leader) Trustworthiness as a Moderator for the Relationship Between Overall Fairness and Perceived Supervisory (Direct Leader) Trustworthiness, Zoe I. Barsness and Dejun Tony Kong

Introduction to the Decision Analytics, Mobile and Service Science Track (DA/MS/SS), C. Carlsson and H. Demirkan

Introduction to the Decision Analytics, Mobile and Service Science Track (DA/MS/SS), Christer Carlsson and Haluk Demirkan

Emerging Service Orientations and Transformations (SOT), Haluk Demirkan and James C. Spohrer

Collaborative Innovation, Haluk Demirkan, James C. Spohrer, and Nicholas Donofrio

Digital Innovation and Strategic Transformation, Haluk Demirkan, James C. Spohrer, and J. J. Welser

Emerging Service Orientations and Transformations (SOT), H. Demirkan and J.C. Spohrer

Firm Strategy and Market Reaction to Earnings, G.D. Fernando, R.A. Schneible, and A. Tripathy

Designed to Succeed: Dimensions of Product Design and Their Impact on Market Share, R.P. Jindal, K.R. Sarangee, R. Echambadi, and S. Lee

The Role of Task Uncertainty in IT Project Team Advice Networks, Mark Keith, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

The Unrealized Value of Incentivized eWOM Recommendations, J. Kim, G. Naylor, E. Sivadas, and V. Sugumaran

Emerging Digital Frontiers for Service Innovation, Christoph Peters, Paul Maglio, Ralph Badinelli, Robert Harmon, Roger Maull, James Spohrer, Tuure Tuunanen, Stephen Vargo, Jeffrey Welser, Haluk Demirkan, Terri Griffith, and Yassi Moghaddam

The Role of Power in Collaborative Governance, Jill M. Purdy

Emphasizing Brand Heritage: Does It Work? And How?, G.M. Rose, A. Merchant, U.R. Orth, and F. Horstmann

Consequences of Consumer Animosity: A Meta-Analytic Integration, A. Shoham, Y. Gavish, and G.M. Rose


Identifying Relevant Socio-Theoretic Foundations for Supporting Multi-Issue IT Cloudsourcing Negotiations, D. S. Soper, H. Demirkan, and M. Goul

Practice Variation as a Mechanism for Influencing Institutional Complexity: Local Experiments in Funding Social Impact Businesses, Tracy A. Thompson and Jill M. Purdy

Data Lakes: The Biggest Big Data Challenges, Prashant Tyagi and Haluk Demirkan

Using Sharepoint as a Limited Learning Management System, Bruce Worobec and Robert Bryant

Submissions from 2015

Teaching Predictive Model Management in MIS Classrooms: A Tutorial, Sule Balkan and Haluk Demirkan

Special Section: Enhancing E-Commerce Outcomes With IT Service Innovations, Haluk Demirkan

Innovations With Smart Service Systems: Analytics, Big Data, Cognitive Assistance, and the Internet of Everything, Haluk Demirkan, Charlie Bess, Jim Spohrer, Ammar Rayes, Don Allen, and Yassi Moghaddam

T-Shaped Innovators: Identifying the Right Talent to Support Service Innovation, Haluk Demirkan and Jim Spohrer


From Interactions to Institutions: Microprocesses of Framing and Mechanisms for the Structuring of Institutional Fields, Barbara Gray, Jill M. Purdy, and Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari

IT-Enabled Business Innovation [Guest Editors' Introduction], R. R. Harmon and Haluk Demirkan

Social Value: A Service Science Perspective, Jim Spohrer, Haluk Demirkan, and Kelly Lyons

Submissions from 2014

Service Research and Innovation: Emerging Developments, Joseph G. Davis, Haluk Demirkan, and Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad

Developing a Framework to Improve Virtual Shopping in Digital Malls With Intelligent Self-Service Systems, Haluk Demirkan and Jim Spohrer


Institutional Complexity and the Authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives, Paul F. Skilton and Jill M. Purdy

Submissions from 2013

Data, Information and Analytics as Services, Dursun Delen and Haluk Demirkan

Leveraging the Capabilities of Service-Oriented Decision Support Systems: Putting Analytics and Big Data in Cloud, Haluk Demirkan and Dursun Delen

Analytical, Computational and Conceptual Modeling in Service Science and Systems, Haluk Demirkan and Daniel Dolk

Taking Value-Networks to the Cloud Services: Security Services, Semantics and Service Level Agreements, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul

Service-Oriented Methodology for Systems Development, Mark Keith, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Conflict in Cross-Sector Partnerships, Jill M. Purdy

Service Science: On Reflection, James C. Spohrer, Stephen K. Kwan, and Haluk Demirkan

Service Science: Reframing Progress With Universities, Jim Spohrer, Alessio Giuiusa, Haluk Demirkan, and David Ing

Submissions from 2012


Communication Media: Implications for Negotiation Process and Outcome, Zoe I. Barsness

When Cultures Clash Electronically: The Impact of Email and Social Norms on Negotiation Behavior and Outcomes, Zoe Barsness, Ashleigh Shelby Rosette, Jeanne M. Brett, and Anne L. Lytle

Ensuring Reliability in B2B Services: Fault Tolerant Inter-Organizational Workflows, Haluk Demirkan, Sagnika Sen, Michael Goul, and Jason Nichols

Sustainable IT Services: Creating a Framework for Service Innovation, Robert R. Harmon and Haluk Demirkan

Roadmapping the Next Wave of Sustainable IT, Robert R. Harmon, Haluk Demirkan, and David Raffo

A Framework for Assessing Power in Collaborative Governance Processes, Jill M. Purdy

Learning About Governance Through Nonprofit Board Service, Jill M. Purdy and Jospeh Lawless

An Empirical Examination of the Impact of ICT Investments on Future Levels of Institutionalized Democracy and Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Societies, Daniel Soper, Haluk Demirkan, Michael Goul, and Robert St Louis

Submissions from 2011

Introduction of Service Systems Implementation, Haluk Demirkan, James C. Spohrer, and Vikas Krishna

Introduction of the Science of Service Systems, Haluk Demirkan, James C. Spohrer, and Vikas Krishna

Promoting Effective Decision Making Using Analytics in a Virtual Technology Lab, Mary E. Gros, Michael Goul, and Haluk Demirkan

Service and Science, James C. Spohrer, Haluk Demirkan, and Vikas Krishna

Submissions from 2010

Service-Orientation in Electronic Markets, Rainer Alt, Witold Abramowicz, and Haluk Demirkan

Information Services for Advanced Marketing, Sule Balkan and Haluk Demirkan

Introduction to the Special Section: Service Science in Electronic Commerce, Indranil Bardhan, Haluk Demirkan, P. K. Kannan, and Robert J. Kauffman

Special Issue: Information Systems in Services, Indranil R. Bardhan, Haluk Demirkan, P. K. Kannan, and Robert J. Kauffman

An Interdisciplinary Perspective on IT Services Management and Service Science, Indranil R. Bardhan, Haluk Demirkan, P. K. Kannan, Robert J. Kauffman, and Ryan Sougstad


Exploration of Adoption of Service Innovations Through Technology Road-Mapping: Case of Location Based Services, Tugrul U. Daim, Robert R. Harmon, and Haluk Demirkan

Coordination Strategies in an SaaS Supply Chain, Haluk Demirkan, Hsing Keneth Cheng, and Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay

A Reference Model for Sustainable E-Learning Service Systems:Experiences With the Joint University/Teradata Consortium, Haluk Demirkan, Michael Goul, and Mary Gros


Servitized Enterprises for Distributed Collaborative Commerce, Haluk Demirkan and James C. Spohrer

The Influence of Collaborative Technology Knowledge on Advice Network Structures, Mark Keith, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service, Amy L. Ostrom, Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, Kevin A. Burkhard, Michael Goul, Vicki Smith-Daniels, Haluk Demirkan, and Elliot Rabinovich

The Impact of National Institutional Context on Social Practices: Comparing Finnish and US Business Communities, Jill M. Purdy, Elizabeth A. Alexander, and Stern Neill


Service Science, Management, Engineering and Technology, M-A Sicilia, P Geczy, and Haluk Demirkan

Submissions from 2009

Unlocking the Influence of Leadership Network Structures on Team Conflict and Viability, Zoe Barsness, Prasad Balkundi, and Judd H. Michael

A Strategic Assessment of Telemedicine as a New Service for Health Delivery: Case of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Tugrul U. Daim, N. Basoglu, and Haluk Demirkan


Perspective: Technology Management in the Service Sector, Tugrul U. Daim, Antonie Jetter, Haluk Demirkan, and Paul P. Maglio

Service Oriented Technology Management to Improve Organizational Agility, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul

Conflicting Logics, Mechanisms of Diffusion, and Multilevel Dynamics in Emerging Institutional Fields, Jill M. Purdy and Barbara Gray

When a Good Idea Isn't Enough: Curricular Innovation as a Political Process, Tracy A. Thompson and Jill M. Purdy

Submissions from 2008

Editorial, Haluk Demirkan

The Risk and Information Sharing of Application Services Supply Chain, Haluk Demirkan and Hsing Kenneth Cheng

Process and Services Fusion Impact Assessment: SSME Findings From Industry Collaboration and the Need for Competency Centers, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul

Service-Oriented Technology and Management: Perspectives on Research and Practice for the Coming Decade, Haluk Demirkan, Robert J. Kauffman, Jamshid A. Vayghan, Hans-Georg Fill, Dimitris Karagiannis, and Paul P. Maglio


IT Services Project Management: Lessons Learned From a Case Study in Implementation, Haluk Demirkan and Jason Nichols


Evaluating the Applicability of Socially-Oriented Perspectives to the IT Service Level Agreement Negotiation Process: A Theory-Driven Exploratory Study, Daniel S. Soper, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Submissions from 2007

Demographic Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Structural Holes in Work Teams, Zoe I. Barsness, Prasad Balkundi, Martin Kilduff, and Judd H. Michael

Does Fairness Matter More to Some Than to Others? The Moderating Role of Workplace Status on the Relationship Between Procedural Fairness Perceptions and Job Satisfaction, Zoe I. Barsness, Kristina A. Diekmann, and Harris Sondak

Dynamic Decision Support Through Instantiation of UEML Representations, Sagnika Sen, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

An Interorganizational Knowledge-Sharing Security Model With Breach Propagation Detection, Daniel S. Soper, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul


High Noon On the Western Range: A Property Rights Analysis of the Johnson County War, Doug Wills and Randy McFerrin

Submissions from 2006

Risks of E-Mail, Zoe I. Barsness

Seven Key Interventions for Data Warehouse Success, Tim Chenoweth, Karen Corral, and Haluk Demirkan

AMCIS 2006 Panel Summary: Towards the Service Oriented Enterprise Vision: Bridging Industry and Academics, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul


Stationarity Condition for AR Index Process, Eric Iksoon Im, David L. Hammes, and Doug Wills

Autonomic Workflow Execution in the Grid, J. Nichols, H. Demirkan, and M. Goul

Submissions from 2005

Motivation and Opportunity: The Role of Remote Work, Demographic Dissimilarity, and Social Network Centrality in Impression Management, Zoe I. Barsness, Kristina A. Diekmann, and Marc-David L. Seidel