Teaching Predictive Model Management in MIS Classrooms: A Tutorial

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Analytics has become a key element of the business decision process over the last decade. In today’s competitive business world, organizations have found out that their data and how they use it can make them much more competitive. According to many research institutions (e.g., Gartner and McKinsey), the worldwide market for business analytics solutions in practice, research, and education is growing exponentially. As the use of analytics become widespread, business school graduates need to gain the necessary knowledge and skill sets to use these assets effectively. In the spirit of analytical thinking, we developed a practice-oriented business case that uses a sample scenario, managerial dashboards, betting templates, model repository and model performance management metrics that teaches predictive analytics concepts and decision making with incomplete information intended for MIS courses. Through exercises and interactions, students gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be become effective decision makers through applying analytical thinking. Digital copies of workshop lesson plans with dashboard and data entry templates can be downloaded free of charge from the Teradata University Network.

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Communications of the Association for Information Systems





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