Process and Services Fusion Impact Assessment: SSME Findings From Industry Collaboration and the Need for Competency Centers

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Properly applied, services science, management and engineering (SSME) approaches - coupled with service oriented architectures (SOA) - are intended to support enterprise agility, but one of today's most pervasive challenges deals with where and how organizations can start such a journey. So, how should a company begin assessing the real impacts of these paradigm shifts, and how could a company benefit from them if planning started today? We established an enterprise-directed, integrated exploration approach, “Process and Services Fusion Impact Assessment” (P&SFIA), for creating an organizational roadmap to realize visions of how to deliver reliable, scalable enterprise processes built upon SOA. From our collaborations with two local Fortune 100 organizations, we found that a chronology of eight lessons learned, a conceptual model and a generic reuse approach are relevant to viable P&SFIA. We propose that “Process & Services Fusion Competency Centers” be supported to advance SSME/SOA understanding.

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Service Science, Management and Engineering Education for the 21st Century

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