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Summer 2018


CIVITAS, a student organization in the Urban Studies program at the University of Washington Tacoma, visited New Orleans for their annual Urban Excursion in March 2018. The trip provided students the opportunity to perform hands on research and experience urban settings outside of Tacoma. CIVITAS’ past trips include travel- ing to diverse urban areas, such as San Francisco, Detroit, and Vancouver B.C., which have allowed students to witness cities with long, complex, and distinct histories of urban development. This year they visited New Orleans with the intention of studying resilient cities with the hopes that this 300 year old city would provide lessons appli- cable to Tacoma. This year’s trip was the group’s largest and furthest trip that this organization has undertaken. This occasional paper entry shares the students’ reflections of the trip.


UW Tacoma students share their reflections after a student trip to New Orleans.

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