Submissions from 2019

Engaging Teachers in the Powerful Combination of Mathematical Modeling and Social Justice: The Flint Water Task - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Julia Aguirre, Cynthia Anhalt, Ricardo Cortez, Erin E. Turner, and Ksenija Simic-Muller

Preparing to Use the Teachers Empowered to Advance Change in Mathematics Modules: Considerations for Mathematics Teacher Educators, Julia M. Aguirre and Tonya Gau Bartell

EcoJust STEM Education Mobilized Through Counter-Hegemonic Globalization, L. Bencze, L. Carter, R. Levinson, I. Martins, C. Pouliot, M. Weinstein, and M. Zouda

Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Competencies: Proposing Connections Through a Review of the Research, Laura L. Feuerborn and Barbara Gueldner

Middle School Teachers’ Concerns for Implementing the Principles of SWPBIS, Laura Feuerborn, Ashli Tyre, Kathleen Beaudoin, and Jillian Bruce

Factor Validation of the Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline (SPBD) Survey, L.L. Feuerborn, A.D. Tyre, and M. Zečević

A Study of Early Career Teachers’ Practices Related to Language and Language Diversity During Mathematics Instruction, E. Turner, A. Roth McDuffie, A. Sugimoto, J. Aguirre, T.G. Bartell, C. Drake, M. Foote, K. Stoehr, and A. Witters

Submissions from 2018


Croatian Preschool Teachers’ Self-Perceived Competence in Managing the Challenging Behaviour of Children, Kathleen Beaudoin, S.S. Mihić, and D. Lončarić

Classified Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline: Implications for Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports, Laura L. Feuerborn, Ashli D. Tyre, and Kathleen Beaudoin

"If Everyone Would Just Act White": Education as a Global Investment in Whiteness, Christopher Knaus

Washington Principals’ Perceptions of Their Professional Development Needs for the Spike of English Learners, Belinda Y. Louie, Bronwyn Pughe, Annie Camey Kuo, and Elin A. Björling

Submissions from 2016

How Do Staff Perceive Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports? Implications for Teams in Planning and Implementing Schools, Laura L. Feuerborn and Ashli D. Tyre

A Qualitative Analysis of Middle and High School Teacher Perceptions of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports, Laura L. Feuerborn, C. Wallace, and A. D. Tyre

'We Talk but We Don't Say Shit': Education and the Silencing of Voice, Christopher B. Knaus

Family Literacy Project: Bilingual Picture Books by English Learners, Belinda Louie and Karlyn Davis-Welton

Imagining Science Education Through Ethnographies of Neoliberal Resistance, M. Weinstein

Submissions from 2015


Educational Leadership Against Racism: Challenging Policy, Pedagogy, and Practice, Jeffrey S. Brooks, Christopher B. Knaus, and Heewon Chang

The Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline Survey a Tool to Help Achieve Systemic Change Through Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support, Laura L. Feuerborn, Ashli D. Tyre, and Joe P. King

Integrating Mindfulness-Based Practices Into Social and Emotional Learning: A Case Application, Barbara A. Gueldner and Laura L. Feuerborn


Enhancing English Learners' Language Development Using Wordless Picture Books, Belinda Louie and Jarek Sierschynski


Fostering Movements or Silencing Voices: School Principals in Egypt and South Africa, Tyson E.J. Marsh and Christopher B. Knaus

Submissions from 2014

Seeing What They Want to See: Racism and Leadership Development in Urban Schools, Christopher B. Knaus

What if We All Wore Hoodies? Educational Silencing of Black Male Voices, Christopher B. Knaus


Complexity of Perspectives: WWII Historical Fiction of the Pacific Front, Belinda Louie


Complexity in Picture Books, Jarek Sierschynski, Belinda Louie, and Bronwyn Pughe

Submissions from 2013

Making Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching Explicit: A Lesson Analysis Tool, Julia M. Aguirre and Maria del Rosario Zavala

Making Connections in Practice: How Prospective Elementary Teachers Connect to Children's Mathematical Thinking and Community Funds of Knowledge in Mathematics Instruction, Julia M. Aguirre, Erin E. Turner, Tonya Gau Bartell, Crystal Kalinec-Craig, Mary Q. Foote, Amy Roth McDuffie, and Corey Drake

Closing the Achievement Gap of Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Gregory J. Benner, Krista Kutash, Ron J. Nelson, and Marie B. Fisher

How Individual and School Aggregate Baseline Behavior Levels Moderate Response to a Primary Level Behavior Intervention, Gregory J. Benner, Elizabeth A. Sanders, Ron J. Nelson, and Nicole C. Ralston

Gaining Staff Support for Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports: A Guide for Teams, Laura L. Feuerborn, Caroline Wallace, and Ashli D. Tyre

Developing Urban Youth Voice: A Framework for Culturally Responsive Classrooms, Christopher B. Knaus

You Are the Ones Who Need to Hear Us: The Role of Youth Voice in a Democracy, Christopher B. Knaus

Children’s Literature in the People’s Republic of China: Its Purposes and Genres, Belinda Louie and Douglas Louie

Theorizing University Identity Development: Multiple Perspectives and Common Goals, Ginger Phillips MacDonald

From Colonization to RESPECT: How Federal Education Policy Fails Children and Educators of Color, Rachelle Rogers-Ard and Christopher B. Knaus

Racial Diversity Sounds Nice; Systems Transformation? Not So Much: Developing Urban Teachers of Color, Rachelle Rogers-Ard, Christopher B. Knaus, Kitty Kelly Epstein, and Kimberly Mayfield

Submissions from 2012

What's Language Got to Do With It?: Identifying Language Demands in Mathematics Instruction for English Language Learners, Julia Maria Aguirre and G. C. Bunch

Analyzing Effective Mathematics Lessons for English Learners: A Multiple Mathematical Lens Approach, Julia Maria Aguirre, E. Turner, T. G. Bartell, C. Drake, M. Q. Foote, and A. Roth-McDuffie

Behavior Intervention for Students with Externalizing Behavior Problems: Primary-Level Standard Protocol, Gregory J. Benner, Ron J. Nelson, Elizabeth A. Sanders, and Nicole C. Ralston

The Effect of the Language for Thinking Program on the Cognitive Processing and Social Adjustment of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Gregory J. Benner, Nicole C. Ralston, and Laura Feuerborn

Teacher Perceptions of Student Needs and Implications for Positive Behavior Supports, Laura Feuerborn and Donald Chinn

Establishing Positive Discipline Policies in an Urban Elementary School, Laura L. Feuerborn and Ashli D. Tyre

One Size Never Fits All: Why Standardized Student Assessments Should Not Guide Curriculum and Instruction, Christopher B. Knaus

Teaching for Voice: Instructional Strategies for Empowering Youth, Christopher B. Knaus

Educational Genocide: Examining the Impact of National Education Policy on African American Communities, Christopher B. Knaus and Rachelle Rogers-Ard

A Partnership Raises Healthier Children, Rick Maloney, Patti Banks, and Andrew Eyres

Promoting Equity in Mathematics Teacher Preparation: A Framework for Advancing Teacher Learning of Children's Multiple Mathematics Knowledge Bases, Erin E. Turner, Corey Drake, Amy Roth McDuffie, Julia Aguirre, Tonya Gau Bartell, and Mary Q. Foote

Creating Readiness for Response to Intervention: An Evaluation of Readiness Assessment Tools, Ashli D. Tyre, Laura Feuerborn, Kay Beisse, and Courtney McCready

Schools/Citizen Science: A Response to "The Future of Citizen Science", Matthew Weinstein

Schools, Science, Social Justice, and the Role of Violence, Matthew Weinstein

Submissions from 2011

Response to Intervention in Secondary Schools, Laura L. Feuerborn, Kathryn Sarin, and Ashli D. Tyre

Future Research Directions for the Field of E/BD: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Kathleen Lynne Lane, Kristine Jolivette, Maureen Conroy, Michael C. Nelson, and Gregory J. Benner

Schoolwide Intervention to Reduce Chronic Tardiness at the Middle and High School Levels, Ashli Tyre, Laura Feuerborn, and Jennifer Pierce

Submissions from 2010

The Impact of Intensive Positive Behavioral Supports on the Behavioral Functioning of Students with Emotional Disturbance: How Much Does Fidelity Matter?, Gregory J. Benner, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, Pei-Yu Chen, Carol Davis, and Nicole C. Ralston

From SNCC to Black Studies: The Intellectual Odyssey of Hardy Frye, Christopher B. Knaus


A Response to Olga Block's Article, Ginger Phillips MacDonald


Promoting Positive Math Outcomes, Marcy Stein, Diane Kinder, K. Zapp, and Laura Feuerborn

A Science Literacy of Love and Rage: Identifying Science Inscription in Lives of Resistance, Matthew Weinstein

Submissions from 2009

Privileging Mathematics and Equity in Teacher Education: Framework, Counter-Resistance Strategies and Reflections From a Latina Mathematics Educator, Julia Maria Aguirre

Teacher Domain-Specific Beliefs and Their Impact on Mathematics Education Reform, Julia Maria Aguirre


The Differential Impact of Remedial Reading Instruction on the Basic Reading Skills of Students With Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities, Gregory J. Benner, Nicole C. Ralston, K. Young, R. Nelson, and Lara Feuerborn

An Extension Convergent Validity Study of the "Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders" and the Achenbach "Teacher's Report Form" with Middle and High School Students with Emotional Disturbances, Gregory J. Benner, Brad M. Uhing, Corey D. Pierce, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, Nicole C. Ralston, and Paul Mooney

Beyond the Scores: Using Candidate Responses on High Stakes Performance Assessment to Inform Teacher Preparation for English Learners, George C. Bunch, Julia M. Aguirre, and Kip Tellez

Practical Social-Emotional Learning Tools for Students With Specific Learning Disabilities in the United States of America, Lara Feuerborn and Ashli Tyre

Improving Mathematics Teachers' Content Knowledge via Brief In-service: A US Case Study, Laura L. Feuerborn, Donald Chinn, and Garvin Morlan

Shut up and Listen: Applied Critical Race Theory in the Classroom, Christopher B. Knaus


Commentary on Evgeny Yamburg - Religion, Education, Culture: A Call for Dialogue, Ginger Phillips MacDonald

Dialectics, Dialogics and Other Ways of Reading Us, Matthew Weinstein and Matthew Broda

Resuscitating the Critical in the Biological Grotesque: Blood, Guts, Biomachismo in Science/Education and Human Guinea Pig Discourse, Matthew Weinstein and Matthew Broda

Submissions from 2008

Cultural Match or Culturally Suspect: How New Teachers of Color Negotiate Sociocultural Challenges in the Classroom, Betty Achinstein and Julia M. Aguirre

Preparing Beginning Special Educators to Consult, Kathleen Beaudoin and Laura Feuerborn

Preparing Beginning Special Educators to Consult, Kathleen Beaudoin and Laura Feuerborn

Preparing Beginning Special Educators to Consult, Kathleen Beaudoin and Laura Feuerborn

Social Validation of Services for Youth With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Comparative Study, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, Richard Knuth, and Gregory J. Benner

Convergent Validity with the BERS-2 Teacher Rating Scale and the Achenbach Teacher's Report Form: A Replication and Extension, Gregory J. Benner, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, Paul Mooney, Brad M. Uhing, and Corey D. Pierce


Determining Paths to Success: Preparing Students for Experimental Design Questions On Standardized Tests, Matthew J. Turner and Jose Rios

Submissions from 2007

The Bankrupt 'Revolution'. Running Schools Like Businesses Fails the Test, Robert W. Howard and Jennifer Preisman

Still Segregated, Still Unequal: Analyzing the Impact of No Child Left Behind on African American Students, Christopher B. Knaus

K-12 Principal's Perceptions of Educational Programming for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD), Richard Knuth, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, and Greg Benner


Students Are Casualties of Math Wars, Ginger Phillips MacDonald

Submissions from 2006

Using Positive Behavior Supports in EBD Settings, Kathleen Beaudoin, Gregory J. Benner, and Richard Knuth

Using Positive Behavior Supports in EBD Settings, Kathleen Beaudoin, Gregory J. Benner, and Richard Knuth

Epistemic Reasoning and Adolescent Egocentrism: Relations to Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms in Problem Youth, Kathleen M. Beaudoin and Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl

The Monday Memo, Richard K. Knuth

The Essential Leadership Model, Richard K. Knuth and Patricia Anne Banks

Guiding Principles for Teaching Multicultural Literature, Belinda Y. Louie

Submissions from 2005

The Relationship between the Beginning Reading Skills and Social Adjustment of a General Sample of Elementary Aged Children, Gregory J. Benner, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, Diane Kinder, and Paul Mooney

The Effects of the "Corrective Reading Decoding" Program on the Basic Reading Skills and Social Adjustment of Students with High-Incidence Disabilities, Gregory J. Benner, Diane Kinder, Kathleen M. Beaudoin, and Marcy Stein

Defining College Readiness from the Inside Out: First-Generation College Student Perspectives, Kathleen L. Byrd and Ginger MacDonald

Special Education and Direct Instruction: An Effective Combination, Diane Kinder, Richard Kubina, and Nancy E. Marchand-Martella

More White Supremacy? "The Lord of the Rings" as Pro-American Imperialism, Christopher B. Knaus

Development of Empathetic Responses With Multicultural Literature, Belinda Louie


Unwrapping the "Pojagi": Traditional Values and Changing Times in a Survey of Korean-American Juvenile Literature, Belinda Y. Louie

Submissions from 2004

Analyzing Beginning and Adolescent Reading Programs: Exploring Issues of Content, Coherence, and Assessment, Diane Kinder, Marcy Stein, and Jean Osborn

Principal Performance and the ISLLC Standards: Implications for Principal Selection and Professional Development, Richard K. Knuth

When tigers smoked pipes: Asian folk literature, Belinda Louie

Myths about teaching and the university professor, Belinda Louie, Richard Stackman, and Denise Drevdahl

Adjustment Disorders, D. MacDonald and Ginger Phillips MacDonald

Mathematics Curriculum Evaluation Framework, Marcy Stein, Diane Kinder, and Sherry Milchick

Submissions from 2003


Helping Hands? Experts Examine Curricular Alignment at Kentridge High School, Samantha E. Ketover and Jose Rios