Date of Award

Spring 6-10-2016

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of arts (BA)


Global Honors

First Advisor

John Inman

Second Advisor

Divya McMillin

Third Advisor

Chris Knaus


Cross­-sector collaboration is an underutilized source of competitive advantage in the modern economy. Though it is a complex and dynamic system, collaboration can be rendered more manageable through an organized framework. In this paper, a literature review was conducted to survey the research landscape, searching particularly for productive models that may be practically used in forming and maintaining successful cross-­sector collaborations. The literature suggests that aspects of collaborative relationships can be categorized for use in analysis and practical navigation. The thought that collaborative relationships have commonalities in form and behavior is corroborated amongst the literature, allowing for some amount of planning and analysis to take place through a framework. This opportunity suggests that increased understanding and a more disciplined approach can produce better results in cross-­sector collaborations. A possible framework is introduced. Discussion is introduced and areas for further study are offered.