Date of Award

Spring 5-2017

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of arts (BA)


Global Honors

First Advisor

Rachel M. Hershberg


This paper explores the attitudes of citizens towards incoming refugees in the countries of Greece and the United States. Refugees located in both countries face a lack of reception and unhealthy well-being due to a lack of social connections. From a thematic analysis of interviews with 10 US citizens and 10 Greek citizens in 2016, I identified two main themes. In Greece, participants had a humanitarian perspective towards refugees but also a concern for the economic well-being of Greek citizens; there was fear of not being able to support the needs of Greek citizens with the influx of refugees. In the United States, participants were either concerned for the well-being of refugees or concerned for the safety of US citizens with the influx of refugees. Implications for improving the climate of reception, and the attitudes of citizens towards refugees as a starting point for improving the integration process are discussed.