Date of Award

Spring 6-4-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of science (BS)


Global Honors

First Advisor

Dr. Jutta Heller


The purpose of this thesis is to explore the alternatives for fast fashion, the global interdependence between areas of production and areas of consumption for fast fashion, and the long-term health and environmental risks associated with fast fashion production and consumption. This paper aims to discover what health effects are proven to be associated with fast fashion production, the causes of health effects, and the steps which manufacturers, shoppers, fashion companies, and those producing the clothing can take to better the fast fashion interdependency and operations. This study will first delve into the global interdependencies of fast fashion and the structures that are in place, mainly from an economic standpoint. It will then describe the methods used for fast fashion and discuss the various processes necessary for clothing production and sales to high clothing demand areas. It will then describe the methods used for fast fashion and discuss the various necessary clothing production and sales processes to high clothing demand areas. Health harms and the threats globalization pose will be compared. Relevant health data for illnesses and diseases related to fast fashion production will be presented, followed by environmental studies and their impact on human health. Lastly, an alternative and prototype proposal will be explored to increase awareness among consumers with psychological consideration for its effectiveness