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Matthew Kelly



Beginning a new journey as an international student in a foreign country is no easy task, the same story applies to the international students in University of Washington, Tacoma. Yet, due to current inadequate supply of student housing units and the lack of a domestic host family housing program, international students in UW, Tacoma face even harsher challenges when looking for a place to live. Without many options, most international students would, therefore, choose to rent apartment units that are within reasonable proximity to the campus and other amenities as their homes. However, many international students might be unfamiliar with the area and its spatial components such as grocery stores, restaurants, banks and ATMs, and bus stops, etc. While not being informed, such unfamiliarity would drastically affect the students’ ability to adopt a new livelihood since they might make inferior decisions on residency. Nevertheless, they might also unfamiliar with the apartment renting procedure which involves screening process over their immigration status, proof of financial sufficiency, and previous rental history. For some apartment managements, these elements reduce the likelihood of renting to international students.

Ideal Apartments for International Students in University of Washington, Tacoma