Submissions from 2017

Advancing Prevention Intervention From Theory to Application: Challenges and Contributions of Community Psychology, Christopher Beasley


The Road to Scholarly Riches: Preparing and Applying for the Academic Market, Christopher Beasley

Suicide Attempts and Personal Need for Structure Among Ex-Offenders, Christopher Beasley, John M. Majer, and Leonard A. Jason

Impacts of Inquiry Pedagogy on Undergraduate Students Conceptions of the Function of Proof, Emily Cilli-Turner


Rethinking the Numerate Citizen: Quantitative Literacy and Public Issues – Reply, Ander Erickson


Introduction to the Bedford Bibliography of Research in Online Writing Instruction, Heidi Harris, Mahli Mechenbier, Sushil K. Oswal, and Natalie Stillman-Webb


Beyoncé and Amal's Pregnancies Can Change the World in a Real Way, Natalie Jolly


Birth and the Bush: Untangling the Debate Around Women's Pubic Hair, Natalie Jolly

Birthing New Kinships: The Cross-Pollinating Potential of Amish Health Research, Natalie Jolly


'Girls' and the Power of Hannah Horvath's Vagina, Natalie Jolly


Hot Mamas & Knocked Up Knockouts, Natalie Jolly


Not Another Guilty Mother, Natalie Jolly


Sexy Birth: Breaking Hollywood’s Last Taboo, Natalie Jolly


The Handmaid's Homebirth, Natalie Jolly

Roundtable: Current Perspectives on Music, Sound, and Narrative in Screen Media, Anahid Kassabian, E Boschi, J Buhler, C Gorbman, M Mera, R Moseley, R Sadoff, and B Winters


Framing Disaster: News Media Coverage of Environmental Justice, Ellen E. Moore and Kylie R. Lanthorn


Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Availability, Use, and Quality: A Cross-Sectional Study in the City of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2011, Abel Mukengeshayi Ntambue, Françoise Kaj Malonga, Karen D. Cowgill, Michèle Dramaix-Wilmet, and Philippe Donnen

Institutional, Legal, and Attitudinal Barriers to the Accessibility of University Digital Libraries: Implications for Retention of Disabled Students, Sushil K. Oswal


Designing for Engagement: Using Participatory Design to Develop a Social Robot to Measure Teen Stress, Emma J. Rose and Elin A. Björling


Expert Yet Vulnerable: Understanding the Needs of Transit Dependent Riders to Inform Policy and Design, Emma J. Rose, Robert Racadio, Travis Martin, Deidre Girard, and Beth Kolko


Community-Based User Experience: Evaluating the Usability of Health Insurance Information With Immigrant Patients, Emma J. Rose, R. Racadio, K. Wong, S. Nguyen, J. Kim, and A. Zahler

Making Practice-Level Struggles Visible: Researching UX Practice to Inform Pedagogy, Emma Rose and Josh Tenenberg

Hillary Clinton and the Women Who Supported Her: Emotional Attachments and the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary, Evelyn M. Simien and Sarah Cote Hampson

Inquiry as an Entry Point to Equity in the Classroom, Gail Tang, Houssein El Turkey, Emily Cilli-Turner, Milos Savic, Gulden Karakok, and David Plaxco

Writing Through Comics, Riki Thompson

The Creativity-In-Progress Rubric (CPR) on Proving: Two Teaching Implementations and Students' Reported Usage, Houssein El Turkey, Gail Tang, Milos Savic, Gulden Karakok, Emily Cilli-Turner, and David Plaxco


Guest Editorial: Safe Consumption Sites Will Save Lives, Money, and Improve Public Health, Ingrid Walker

Submissions from 2016

Can Polychlorinated Biphenyls Be Removed From Chesapeake Bay by a Commercial Fishery?, J. Ashley, R. Soroka, Y. Cintron, A. Sarno, L. Zaoudeh, D. Velinsky, and Joel Baker


Recent Trends in the Probability of High Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses in the United States, Katherine E. Baird


The Financial Burden of Out-Of-Pocket Expenses in the United States and Canada: How Different Is the United States?, Katherine E. Baird

How Many Hands on Deck and How Did They Get There? Comparing Income Protection Policies Over the Great Recession, Katherine Elizabeth Baird


The Incidence of High Medical Expenses by Health Status in Seven Developed Countries, Katherine Elizabeth Baird

The Safety Net's Cast in the US: Is It Drifting or Contracting?, Katherine Elizabeth Baird


High Out-Of-Pocket Medical Spending Among the Poor and Elderly in Nine Developed Countries, Katie Baird

Reversible Photohydration of Trenbolone Acetate Metabolites: Mechanistic Understanding of Product-To-Parent Reversion Through Complementary Experimental and Theoretical Approaches, J. Baltrusaitis, E.V. Patterson, M. O'Connor, S. Qu, E.P. Kolodziej, and D.M. Cwiertny

Criminal History Disclosure Self-Efficacy Scale Development, Christopher Beasley

Oxford House Recovery Homes: Community Characteristics as Predictors of Sustainability, Christopher Beasley

Relationships Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Use Among Women, Christopher Beasley

Theories in the Field of Community Psychology, Christopher Beasley, Kristen Gleason, Steven Miller, Daphna Ram, and Leonard Jason


Factor Analysis of the Revised Spontaneity Assessment Inventory (SAI-R), Christopher Beasley and David A. Kipper

Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding, Christopher Beasley, Crystal Steltenpohl, and Emily Stecker


Revisiting Agency and Stewardship Theories: Perspectives From Nonprofit Board Chairs and CEOs, R. Bernstein, K. Buse, and D. Bilimoria

Revisiting Agency and Stewardship Theories, Ruth Bernstein, Kathleen Buse, and Diana Bilimoria

Exploring the Impact of CEO Tenure and Effective Board Performance on Organizational Change, Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Kathleen Buse, and Diana Bilimoria

Sex, Drink, and State Anxieties: Governance Through the Gay Bar, M. Brown and L. Knopp


Overeating, Edible Commodities and the Global Industrial Diet: How Somaesthetics Can Help Psychology and Nutrition, Kima Cargill


Sugar Highs and Lows: Is Sugar Really a Drug? By Kima Cargill, Kima Cargill

The Psychology of Food Cult Membership, Kima Cargill

Singing for Tacoma: Mrs. Goheen and the Lincoln High School Choirs (1929-1955), Kim Davenport

Tacoma's Theater District, Kim Davenport


The Tacoma Theater: The Finest Temple on the Coast, Kim Davenport

Will Teachers Create Opportunities for Discussion When Teaching Proof in a Geometry Classroom?, Ander Erickson and Patricio Herbst

Using Multimedia Questionnaires to Study Influences on the Decisions Mathematics Teachers Make in Instructional Situations, Ander Erickson, Patricio Herbst, Daniel Chazan, Karl W. Kosko, and Justin Dimmel


Editor's Introduction for NANO Special Issue 9: Intoxication, Alexine Fleck and Ingrid Walker

Heard Music, Claudia Gorbman


“The Third Reality” (Translation of “La Troisième Realité” by Michel Chion),, Claudia Gorbman

Recruiting Unmotivated Smokers Into a Smoking Induction Trial, K.J. Harris, A. Bradley-Ewing, K. Goggin, K.P. Richter, C. Patten, K. Williams, H.S. Lee, V.S. Staggs, and D. Catley

Is Sustainability Knowledge Half the Battle?: An Examination of Sustainability Knowledge, Attitudes, Norms, and Efficacy to Understand Sustainable Behaviours, A J. Heeren, A S. Singh, A. Zwickle, Tom M. Koontz, K.M. Slagle, and A.C. McCreery

Evaluating Contaminants of Emerging Concern as Tracers of Wastewater From Septic Systems, C.A. James, J.P. Miller-Schulze, S. Ultican, A.D. Gipe, and J.E. Baker


Birthing Baby Blue: Beyoncé and the Changing Face of Celebrity Birth Culture, Natalie Jolly

Framing the Discussion: Elections as Components of Larger Political and Cultural Geographies, L. Knopp

Silent Struggles—the Plight of Undocumented Students in Social Work Education, Melody Loya, Susanna Jones, Huatong Sun, and Rich Furman


Apportioned Commodity Fetishism and the Transformative Power of Game Studies, K. S. McAllister, J. E. Ruggill, T. Conrad, S. Conway, J. deWinter, C. Hanson, C. Kocurek, K. Moberly, and Randy Nichols

"A Conversation With George Saunders", Alex Miller

"Err[ing] in the Direction of Kindness:" George Saunders' Compassionate Interrogation of Post-Postmodern America, Alex Miller

Teamwork: Collaborative Engagement With Sports Argumentation, Alex Miller


Letter to America, JM Miller


Moth (Persius Duskywing), JM Miller


Wolf Tone, JM Miller

Toxicological Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) on Freshwater Turtles in the United States, Adams Ming-ch'eng, J.E. Baker, and B.V. Kjellerup


MOOCs in the Global Context, Sushil K. Oswal

Best Practices for Teaching Accessibility in University Classrooms: Cultivating Awareness, Understanding, and Appreciation for Diverse Users, C. Putnam, M. Dahman, E. Rose, J. Cheng, and G. Bradford

Design as Advocacy: Using a Human- Centered Approach to Investigate the Needs of Vulnerable Populations, Emma J. Rose

Comparing Legal Attitudes of Anglo- And Latino-Americans: Confirming the Factor Structure of the Legal Attitudes Questionnaire, S.J. Ross and O.F. Morera


Intoxication and US Culture: An Interview With Craig Reinarman, Ingrid Walker

Correction to Environmental Photochemistry of Altrenogest: Photoisomerization to a Bioactive Product With Increased Environmental Persistence via Reversible Photohydration, Kristine H. Wammer, Kyler C. Anderson, Paul R. Erickson, Sarah Kliegman, Marianna E. Moffatt, Stephanie M. Berg, Jackie A. Heitzman, Nicholas C. Pflug, and Kristopher McNeill

Environmental Photochemistry of Altrenogest: Photoisomerization to a Bioactive Product With Increased Environmental Persistence via Reversible Photohydration, Kristine H. Wammer, Kyler C. Anderson, Paul R. Erickson, Sarah Kliegman, Marianna E. Moffatt, Stephanie M. Berg, Jackie A. Heitzman, Nicholas C. Pflug, and Kristopher McNeill

Submissions from 2015

Desiring biracial whites: cultural consumption of white mixed-race celebrities in South Korean popular media, Ji-Hyun Ahn

“I Mean, We’re Guys” Constructing Gender at an All-Male Trade School, Miriam R. Arbeit, Rachel M. Hershberg, Sara K. Johnson, Jacqueline V. Lerner, and Richard M. Lerner


Fishbowl, Ellen Bayer

Income Generation in Recovering Heroin Users: A Comparative Analysis of Legal and Illegal Earnings, Christopher Beasley, Sarah Callahan, Anthony LoSasso, Bradley Olson, Stephanie Nisle, Kristina Campagna, and Leonard A. Jason

Engagement & Disengagement in Mutual-Help Addiction Recovery Housing: A Test of Affective Events Theory, Christopher Beasley and Leonard A. Jason

Special Section on LGBT Resilience Across Cultures: Introduction, Christopher Beasley, Richard A. Jenkins, and Maria Valenti

Public Transit Investment and Sustainable Transportation: A Review of Studies of Transit's Impact on Traffic Congestion and Air Quality, Justin Beaudoin, Y. Hossein Farzin, and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell


Understanding Donor Intent: Legal and Ethical Lessons From a Religious Nonprofit, Ruth Bernstein, J. Brooke Hamilton, and Lise Anne Slatten


The Challenges of Foundation Stewardship: When a Philanthropic Gift Becomes a Burden, Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Fabio Ambrosio, and Lise Anne Slatten


Reflections on Diversity and Inclusion Practices at the Organizational, Group, and Individual Levels, Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Diana Bilimoria, Marcy Crary, and Donna Maria Blancero


Nonprofit Board Performance: Board Members' Understanding Their Roles and Responsibilities, Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Kathleen Buse, and Lise Anne Slatten


Working Effectively Across Differences - Diversity and Inclusion at the Individual, Team and Organizational Levels, Ruth Sessler Bernstein, Marcy Crary, and Diana Bilimoria


Comfort Versus Discomfort in Interracial/Interethnic Interactions: Group Practices on Campus, Ruth Sessler Bernstein and Paul Salipante


Lessons from the Local: Rurality and Responses to Intimate Partner Abuse in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States, Johanna Bond and Elizabeth M. Bruch

Measuring Learning Outcomes and Attitudes in a Flipped Introductory Statistics Course, Emily Cilli-Turner

Rates and Product Identification for Trenbolone Acetate Metabolite Biotransformation Under Aerobic Conditions, Emily A. Cole, Samantha A. McBride, Kaitlin C. Kimbrough, Jaewoong Lee, Eric A. Marchand, David M. Cwiertny, and Edward P. Kolodziej


The CARE heuristic for addressing burnout in nurses, Jane Compson

Still Exploring the Middle Path: a Response to Commentaries, Jane Compson and Lynette Monteiro


Obstetric Fistula in Low-Resource Countries: An Under-Valued and Under-Studied Problem - Systematic Review of Its Incidence, Prevalence, and Association With Stillbirth, Karen D. Cowgill, Jennifer Bishop, Amanda K. Norgaard, Craig E. Rubens, and Michael G. Gravett

Biophysical characterization data on Aβ soluble oligomers produced through a method enabling prolonged oligomer stability and biological buffer conditions, Amanda C. Crisostomo, Loan Dang, Jyothi L. Digambaranath, Andrea C. Klaver, David A. Loeffler, Jeremiah J. Payne, Lynnae M. Smith, Adam L. Yokom, and John M. Finke

Kinetic analysis of IgG antibodies to beta-amyloid oligomers with surface plasmon resonance, Amanda C. Crisostomo, Loan Dang, Jyothi L. Digambaranath, Andrea C. Klaver, David A. Loeffler, Jeremiah J. Payne, Lynnae M. Smith, Adam L. Yokom, and John M. Finke

All My Students Are Non-Majors: Designing Sustainable Music Courses for an Urban-Serving University, Kim Davenport

Verrall's Piano Sonata: A Great Pacific Northwest Sonata, Kim Davenport