Submissions from 2022


What’s a polycule? An expert on polyamory explains., Riki Thompson


Powerful women heading up dating apps are framed as young and sexy, Riki Thompson and Treena Orchard


¿Realmente empodera a las mujeres esperar que ellas den el primer paso?, Riki Thompson


Does it really empower women to expect them to make the first move?, Riki Thompson

More than the selfie: online dating, non-monogamy, normativity, and linked profiles on OkCupid, Riki Thompson


Reflective Approaches to Analyzing Digital Discourse, Riki Thompson

Submissions from 2021


From Language Access to Language Justice: Creating a Participatory Values Statement for Collective Action, Alison Cardinal, Emma Rose, Laura Gonzales, Anindita Bhattacharya, Luke Byram, Kenny Coble, Perla Gamboa, Diana Parra, Faaluiana Pritchard, Elize Rodriquez Paz, Peggy Liao, Megan Snow, Bara Safarova, and Anaid Yerena


Polyamorous Relationships under Severe Strain during the Pandemic, Riki Thompson

Submissions from 2020


Hemmed In? Considering the Complexities of Amish Womanhood, Natalie Jolly


Making Hay: Gendered Inquiry in Anabaptist Studies as Communal Endeavor, Natalie Jolly

Model Predictions of Postwildfire Woody Fuel Succession and Fire Behavior Are Sensitive to Fuel Dynamics Parameters, Maureen C. Kennedy, Morris C. Johnson, and Sarah C. Harrison

Culturally Situated Do-It-Yourself Instructions for Making Protective Masks: Teaching the Genre of Instructional Design in the Age of COVID-19, Sushil K. Oswal and Zsuzsanna B. Palmer


Why are Women Buying GOOP? Women's Health and the Wellness Movement, Natalie Jolly

Rapid worldwide growth of glacial lakes since 1990, Maureen C. Kennedy, Dan H. Shugar, Aaron Burr, Umesh K. Haritashya, Jeffrey S. Kargel, C. Scott Watson, Alexandre R. Bevington, Richard A. Betts, Stephan Harrison, and Katherine Strattman

The Complexity of Urban Eco-evolutionary Dynamics, Christopher Schell, Marina Alberti, Eric P. Palkovacs, Simone Des Roches, Luc de Meester, Kristien I. Brans, Lynn Govaert, Nancy B. Grimm, Nyeema C. Harris, Andrew P. Hendry, Marta Szulkin, Jason Munshi-South, Mark C. Urban, and Brian C. Verrelli

Does Distance Matter? Evaluating the Impact of Drop Boxes on Voter Turnout, William McGuire, Katherine E. Baird, Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Benjamin Corbett, and Loren Collingwood

New York’s lonely streets: Constructions of soledad in Colombianx migrant experiences, Ariana Ochoa Camacho

The evolutionary consequences of human–wildlife conflict in cities, Christopher Schell, Lauren A. Stanton, Julie K. Young, Lisa M. Angeloni, Joanna E. Lambert, Stewart W. Breck, and Maureen H. Murray

Redefining waste to create action: The economic considerations and cultural politics of global waste, E.E. Moore

Recreating Wakanda by promoting Black excellence in ecology and evolution, Christopher Schell, Cylita Guy, Delia S. Shelton, Shane Campbell-Staton, Briana A. Sealey, Danielle N. Lee, and Nyeema C. Harris


Fourteen Recommendations to Create a More Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Individuals in Academic Biology, Erica T. Cline, Katelyn Cooper, Anna Jo Auerbach, Jordan D. Bader, Amy S. Beadles-Bohling, Jacqueline A. Brashears, Sarah L. Eddy, Deanna B. Elliot, Elijah Farley, Linda Fuselier, Heather M. Heinz, Madison Irving, Tanya Josek, A. Kelly Lane, Stanley M. Lo, Jeffrey Maloy, Michelle Nugent, Erika Offerdahl, Juan Palacios-Moreno, Jorge Ramos, Joshua W. Reid, Rachel A. Sparks, Ashley L. Waring, Mike Wilton, Cara Gormally, and Sara E. Brownell


Pierce County Statistics on Labor Market Inequalities, Anna Lovasz, Zaher Kmail, and Teresa Dennerlein


The Intersectionality of Intimate Partner Violence in the Black Community, Carolyn M. West, Johnny Rice II, Karma Cottman, and Gretta Gardner


Connected Cubic Graphs with the Maximum Number of Perfect Matchings, Peter Horak and Dongryul Kim

Quantifying How Sources of Uncertainty in Combustible Biomass Propagate to Prediction of Wildland Fire Emissions, Maureen C. Kennedy, Susan J. Prichard, Donald McKenzie, and Nancy H.F. French

German Domestic Pedestrian Tourism and the Rhetoric of National Historical Memory, Empire, and Middle-Class Identity 1780s–1850s, Johann J. K. Reusch

Integrating Polar Research Into Undergraduate Curricula Using Computational Guided Inquiry, Justin Beaudoin, Penny M. Rowe, Lea Fortmann, Timothy L. Guasco, Aedin Wright, Amy Ryken, Emma Sevier, Grace Stokes, Amanda Mifflin, Rachel Wade, Haiyan Cheng, William Pfalzgraff, Isha Rajbhandari, Kena Fox-Dobbs, and Steven Neshyba

Disruptive practice: Multimodality, innovation and standardisation from the medieval to the digital text, Riki Thompson and Matthew Collins

Travel Guides, Urban Spatial Imaginaries and LGBTQ+ Activism: The Case of Damron Guides, Larry Knopp and Michael Brown

Effects of Post-Fire Management on Dead Woody Fuel Dynamics and Stand Structure in a Severely Burned Mixed-Conifer Forest, in Northeastern Washington State, USA, Maureen C. Kennedy, Morris C. Johnson, Sarah C. Harrison, Derek Churchill, James Pass, and Paul W. Fischer

English Language and Mulitmodal Narrative, Riki Thompson

Investigating the Genetic and Environmental Architecture of Interpack Aggression in North American Grey Wolves, Christopher Schell

More Than a First Flush: Urban Creek Storm Hydrographs Demonstrate Broad Contaminant Pollutographs, Edward P. Kolodziej, Katherine T. Peter, Fan Hou, Zhenyu Tian, Christopher Wu, Matt Goehring, and Fengmao Liu

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of the Early Life History Stages of the Native Olympia Oyster Ostrea lurida (Carpenter, 1864) in a Restoration Site in Northern Puget Sound, Wa, Bonnie Becker, Michael D. Behrens, Brian Allen, Megan Hintz, Hannah Parker, Michelle M. McCartha, and Sarah M. White

Middle to Late Pleistocene Evolution of the Bengal Fan: Integrating Core and Seismic Observations for Chronostratigraphic Modeling of the IODP Expedition 354 8° North Transect, Peter A. Selkin, Brendan Reilly, Fenna Bergmann, Michael Weber, Joseph Stoner, Laure Meynadier, Tilmann Schwenk, Volkhard Spiess, and Christian France-Lanord

Precarious Economies: Capitalism’s Creative Destruction in the Age of Neoliberal Campus Planning, Rubén Casas, Phillip Goodwin, Ralph Cintrón, Joshua Stanley Hanan, Leslie L. Rossman, and Nick J. Sciullo

Understanding the Perception of Stakeholders in Reducing Adolescent-to-Parent Violence/Aggression, Connie J. Beck, C. E. Shanholtz, K. L. O'Hara, J. E. Duchschere, and E. Lawrence


Elvis Presley thrills a crowd of about 6,000 at Tacoma, Kim Davenport

In Defense of Public Lands: The Case against Privatization and Transfer. By Steven Davis., Tom M. Koontz

Induced Innovation: Evidence from China’s Secondary Industry, William McGuire, Belton M. Fleisher, Xioajun Wang, and Min Qiang Zhao

Provincial Trade, Financial Friction and Misallocation in China, William McGuire, Ohyun Kwon, Belton M. Fleisher, and Min Qiang Zhao

Fuel Treatment Effectiveness In The Context of Landform, Vegetation, and Large, Wind-Driven Wildfires, Maureen C. Kennedy, Susan J. Prichard, Nicholas A. Povak, and David W. Peterson

On the Fly! Hobo Literature and Songs, 1879–1941 by Iaian McIntyre (review), Michael K. Honey


Exploring Teens as Robot Operators, Users and Witnesses in the Wild, Emma J. Rose, Kyle Thomas, Maya Cakmak, and Elin A. Björling


Using Authentic Data from NSF’s Ocean Observatories Initiative in Undergraduate Teaching: An Invitation, Cheryl Greengrove, C. Sage Lichtenwalner, Hilary I. Palevsky, Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Silke Severmann, Leslie M. Smith, and Kristen Yarincik

We Are All in This Class: Digital Scholarship and Storytelling in the EDI Classroom, Alex Miller and Theo Calhoun

Technical Progress and Induced Innovation in China: A Variable Profit Function Approach, William McGuire, Gary Wong, Belton M. Fleisher, and Min Qiang Zhao

Suspect and Nontarget Screening for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in an Urban Estuary, Edward P. Kolodziej, Zhenyu Tian, Katherine T. Peter, Alex D. Gipe, Haoqi Zhao, Fan Hou, David A. Wark, Tarang Khangaonkar, and Andrew C. James

Integrating Fire Effects On Vegetation Carbon Cycling Within An Ecohydrologic Model, Maureen C. Kennedy, Ryan R. Bart, Christina L. Tague, and Donald McKenzie

Black Votes Count, But Do They Matter? Symbolic Empowerment and the Jackson-Obama Mobilizing Effect on Gender and Age Cohorts, Sarah Hampson and Evelyn M. Simien

Laboring in Line With Our Values: Lessons learned in the Struggle to Unionize, Sonia De La Cruz, N. Hayes, and Sonalini Sapra

“Sweet Moistning Sleepe”: Perturbations of the Mind and Rest for the Body in Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy, Cassie M. Miura


Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Underrepresented Collegiate Students at Psychology Training Clinics, Alyssa M. Ramírez Stege, Nickolas D. Frost, Stephanie R. Graham, Tiffany Jones, Tyson Pankey, and Elizabeth M. Martinez

Submissions from 2019

Versatile Undergraduate Neurobiology Course-Based Research Experiences Using Open Access 3D Electron Microscopy Image Volumes, Marc Nahmani


The Conversation As The Answer: Collective Information Seeking And Knowledge Construction On A Social Question And Answer Site, Ander Erickson

Dealing with Hate Speech: Voices from Young Koreans Living in Japan, Ji-Hyun Ahn and Hyewon Park

Pedagogical Takeaways From a Three-Way Online Collaboration Project, Sushil K. Oswal, Rita Koris, and Zsuzsanna Palmer

Wars of Excess: Georges Bataille, Solar Economy, and the Accident in the Age of Precision War, Benjamin Meiches

Next-Generation Biomass Mapping for Regional Emissions and Carbon Inventories: Incorporating Uncertainty in Wildland Fuel Characterization, Maureen C. Kennedy, Susan J. Prichard, Anne G. Andreu, Paige C. Eagle, Nancy H. French, and Michael Billmire

Subtypes of Violent Separating or Divorcing Couples Seeking Family Mediation and Their Association with Personality and Criminality Characteristics, Connie J. Beck, Fernanda S. Rossi, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, and Amy G. Applegate


Rethinking the Monstrous: Gender, Otherness, and Space in the Cinematic Storytelling of Arrival and The Shape of Water, Ed Chamberlain


Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Response: What Drives the Commuter Campus Student Experience?, Erin Casey, Sarah Cote Hampson, and Alissa R. Ackerman


Community Health Care (Tacoma), Kim Davenport

Quantification of Organic Contaminants in Urban Stormwater by Isotope Dilution and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Edward P. Kolodziej, Fan Hou, Katherine T. Peter, Christopher Wu, Alex D. Gipe, Haoqi Zhao, Ernesto A. Alegria, Fengmao Liu, and Zhenyu Tian

Application of Nontarget High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data to Quantitative Source Apportionment, Edward P. Kolodziej, Katherine T. Peter, Christopher Wu, and Zhenyu Tian

Anti-Korean Sentiment and Online Affective Community in Taiwan, Ji-Hyun Ahn

Molecular systematics of the heteronemertean genus Dushia (Nemertea, Pilidiophora), with descriptions of D. wijnhoffae sp. nov. and D. nigra species complex comb. nov., Megan L. Schwartz, Natsumi Hookabe, Hiroshi Kajihara, and Jon L. Norenburg

Young People, Shadow Carceral Innovations, and the Reproduction of Inequality, Randy Myers, Kaitlyn J. Selman, and Tim Goddard

Young People, Shadow Carceral Innovations, and the Reproduction of Inequality, Randy Myers, Kaitlyn J. Selman, and Tim Goddard

On the Loss of Death: Necropolitics in the Study of Genocide, Benjamin Meiches


Evil in the Delta: Elaine, Arkansas, 1919, Michael K. Honey


Breaking The Exclusionary Boundary Between User Experience And Access: Steps Toward Making UX Inclusive Of Users With Disabilities, Sushil K. Oswal


A Critical Postcolonial and Resilience-Based Framework of Supervision in Action, Alyssa M. Ramírez Stege, Mun Yuk Chin, and Stephanie R. Graham

A Critical Postcolonial and Resilience-Based Framework of Supervision in Action, Alyssa M. Ramírez Stege, Mun Yuk Chin, and Stephanie R. Graham

Domestic Violence Through a Caribbean Lens: Historical Context, Theories, Risks and Consequences, Carolyn M. West, Krim K. Lacey, and Rohan D. Jeremiah

Tipling Toward Freedom: Alcohol and Emancipation, Luther Adams

Intramolecular [2+2] Photocycloaddition of Altrenogest: Confirmation of Product Structure, Theoretical Mechanistic Insight, and Bioactivity Assessment., Edward P. Kolodziej, Nicholas C. Pflug, Eric V. Patterson, Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt, James B. Gloer, Kristopher McNeill, David M. Cwiertny, and Kristine H. Wammer

The Impact of Leadership Diversity Among Nonprofit Organizations, Ruth Bernstein and Christopher A. Fredette

Fuel Treatments Change Forest Structure and Spatial Patterns of Fire Severity, Arizona, USA, Maureen C. Kennedy, Morris C. Johnson, and Sarah C. Harrison

Induction of Microbial Oxidative Stress as a New Strategy to Enhance the Enzymatic Degradation of Organic Micropollutants in Synthetic Wastewater, Amrita Bains, Octavio Perez-Garcia, Gavin Lear, David R. Greenwood, Simon Swift, Martin J. Middleditch, Edward P. Kolodziej, and Naresh Singhal


Scaling and Complexity in Landscape Ecology, Erica A. Newman, Maureen C. Kennedy, Don A. Falk, and Don McKenzie


Hospital Detention of Mothers and Their Infants at a Large Provincial Hospital: A Mixed-Methods Descriptive Case Study, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Karen D. Cowgill and Abel Mukengeshayi Ntambue


Incidence of Catastrophic Expenditures Linked to Obstetric and Neonatal Care at 92 Facilities in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2015, Abel Mukengeshayi Ntambue, Françoise Kaj Malonga, Karen D. Cowgill, Michèle Dramaix-Wilmet, and Philippe Donnen

Incorporating Community Grant Writing as a Service Learning Project in a Nonprofit Studies Course: A Case Study, William Towey and Ruth Bertstein

Participatory Video: An Apparatus for Ethically Researching Literacy, Power and Embodiment, Alison Cardinal

Social Justice, Recognition Theory and the First Amendment: A New Approach to Hate Speech Restriction, Chris Demaske

Coercive Controlling Behaviors in Intimate Partner Violence in Male Same-Sex Relationships:A Mixed-Methods Study, Chitra Raghavan, Connie J. Beck, James Michael Menke, and Jennifer E. Loveland


Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Scaphopod Molluscs, Megan L. Schwartz, Kevin Kocot, Tim Wollesen, Rebecca Varney, Gerhard Steiner, and Andreas Wanninger

Labor Radicalism and the Local Politics of Chinese Exclusion: Mayor Jacob Weisbach and the Tacoma Chinese Expulsion of 1885, Charles Williams


The OIC and Children's Rights, Marie Juul Petersen and Turan Kayaoglu

The OIC's Human Rights Regime, Marie Juul Petersen and Turan Kayaoglu

Extended Abstract: From User Experience to Engagement - A New Direction in Professional Communication and HCI, H. Sun

Workshop: Engaging Cultural Differences for Global Design, H. Sun


Empowering First-Generation Students: Bardolatry and the Shakespeare Survey, Cassie M. Miura

Detection and Quantification of Metastable Photoproducts of Trenbolone and Altrenogest Using Liquid Chromatography–tandem Mass Spectrometry, Philip T. Kenyon, Haoqi Zhao, Xingjian Yang, Christopher Wu, David M. Cwiertny, and Edward P. Kolodziej

Participatory Design With Teens: A Social Robot Design Challenge, Emma J. Rose, Elin Björling, and Maya Cakmak

Skills, Careers, and Cross-Cultural Understanding: How Russian-American Journalism Education Collaboration Works, Chris Demaske and Maria Lukina


Learning through Doing: Reflections on the use of Photovoice in an Undergraduate Community Psychology Classroom, Rachel M. Hershberg, Olivia Andringa, Katheryn Camm, Halimatu Hill, Joshua Little, Rebecca Smith, Sarah Wilkinson, and Sarah Wilkinson

Skills, Careers and Cross-Cultural Understanding: How Russian-American Journalism Education Collaboration Works, Maria Lukina and Chris Demaske


We Do Need an Education: Teaching Pink Floyd: The Wall, Libi Sundermann and Joshua Scullin