The Mexican American Parade

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"Miniature celebrations of place, the writings in Nowhere Else But Here (ital) deftly maneuver through imagined spaces and bustling Manhattan streets, the impossible page and the architecture of Japanese homes. Here, place is questioned and subdued: it is the hot gloss of sun on concrete." -Lily Hoang, Author of Unfinished "The writing in Not Somewhere Else But Here is at turns haunting and infused with a deep magic. The work carries the reader from Beirut to Vermont, from Japan into dream worlds, bodies as maps. Landscapes are often treacherous, populated with 'mouths of razor-wild men', enchanted with 'fists opened to explosions of diatomic stars,' and each woman in this collection navigates those spaces with a deft grace. Step into the worlds they have summoned." -Margaret Bashaar, Editor of Hyacinth Girl Press

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Not Somewhere Else but Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place

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