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"A close look into an act of terrorism" by Andrei Kots

"Autism Center opens on campus" by Marques Hunter

"ASUWT bylaws to be rewritten" by Brooke Berard

"Election 2004: An American Viewpoint" by Ericka Skolrood

"Election 2004: A Russian Viewpoint" by Artem Ivanov

"Welcome to the neo-conservative revolution" by Alex Matviychuk

"J Spot event sheds light on art of making love" by Marlene Hanson

"Patricia Spakes look to become chancellor" by Seth Storset

"A race to the finish as chancellor candidates compete" by Ericka Skolrood, Jenny Sharp

"Perspectives and loyalties abroad reflect divide at home" by Andrei Biryukov

"Huskies drop to 1-8, manhandled by USC, OU" by Jake Adams

"Red Sox win series, end curse" by Jake Adams

"Art gallery becomes a reality" by Michele Brittany-Bacha

"A.L.I.V.E. returns for another year" by Michele Brittany-Bacha

"Seattle rep opens season in the tropics" by Michele Brittany-Bacha

"Movie stereotypes of U.S. replaced by first-hand experiences" by Artem Ivanov, Andrei Kots, Andrei Biryukov

Publication Date

Fall 11-11-2004


Marques Hunter (managing editor), Marlene Hanson (news editor), Hope Anderson (copy editor), Michele Brittany-Bacha (arts and entertainment editor), Seth Storset, Ericka Skolrood, Brooke Berard, Mark T. White, Jake Adams, Andrei Biryukov, Andrei Kots, Artem Ivanov, Deborah Merrill (publisher)

Journalist November 2004