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"UWT leaders speak out about war coverage" by Karie Anderson

"Chechnya: Road blocks on information" by Elena Racheva

"War as a TV-action" by Rafel Saakov

"Internet lacking credibility" by Yevgeniya Dulo

"Unnecessary blocking: Foundation says censorware needs to go" by Tolena Mahlum

"Politics driving economic pressure for journalists" by Anton Maniashin, Galina Tischenko, Anna Tolokonnikova, Natalie Vyalkina

"Financial pressures changing today's newsroom" by Karie Anderson

"Television: A news source or entertainment?" by Natalie Varentsova

"The most famous Americans in Russia" by Rafael Saakov

"Free press becoming global" by Tolena Mahlum

"Do we trust the media?" by Yevgeniya Dulo

"Baby Sophia makes long journey home" by Karie Anderson

"Two newspapers meet as strangers, leave as friends" by Karie Anderson, Galya Tischenko, Anna Tolokonnikova, Rafael Saakov, Maria Schoor, Tolena Mahlum

Publication Date

Spring 3-1-2003


Communication | Journalism Studies


Staff: Karie Anderson, Yevgeniya Dulo, Tolena Mahlum, Anton Maniashin, Elena Racheva, Rafael Saakov, Maria Schoor, Galina Tischenko, Anna Tolokonnikova, Natalia Varentsova and Natalie Vyalkina Layout: Sergei (Sturman) Poletaev and Karie Anderson Instructors: Dr. Marie Lukina, Dr. Bill Richardson and Dr. Chris Demaske Pictures: Chechnya pictures courtesy of the Memorial Foundation. Other photos are taken by Tolena Mahlum and Karie Anderson. Contact: The Ledger at or The Journalist at

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