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"Reset button: will they succeed" by Pavel Koshkin, Anna Leonova, Darya Chernysheva

"Gregory Feifer: Russian TV news is unwatchable" by Pavel Koshkin

"Realities behind Russian-American perspectives" by Julia Shamporova, Alex Newman

"indebted to dollar" by Elena Shvetsova

"All eyes on China: moving toward a multipolar world" by Marisa Petrich

"New media transforming the world" by Julia Shamporova, Marisa Petrich

"The U.S.A. and China: partners or competition" by Pavel Koshkin

"A discussable truth" by Julia Gilchinskaya

"Greenpeace tackles multiple environmental concerns" by Elna Kornilova, Alexander Solomonov, Diana Kulchitskaya

"Resetting the system" by Diana Kulchitskaya

"American thoughts: a view from the inside" by Amina Sheikhova

"Ready to reset" by Anna Laletina

"Promoting education" by Anna Leonova

"The types of rock" by Julia Gilchinskaya

"Cultural Odyssey rejects boundaries" by Alex Newman

"The Types: C'Mon and press play" by Kimberly Wynn

"Public or private, first ladies mirror culture" by Daria Chernysheva, Kathleen Burdo

"Russians respond to Hollywood" by Oksana Andrienko, Kathleen Burdo

"Barbucks: Starbucks' transformation to European café by Kimberly Wynn

"Jazz concert captivates audiences" by Eugenia Bobkova

"From the Cold War to the big screen" by Oksana Andrienko

Publication Date

Fall 9-1-2009


Communication | Journalism Studies


Staff: Pavel Koshkin (editor-in-chief, MSU), Marisa Petrich (editor-in-chief, UWT), Oksana Andrienko (MSU), Eugenia Bobkova (MSU), Kathleen Burdo (UWT), Daria Chernysheva (MSU), Julia Gilchinskaya (MSU), Adrienne Ione (UWT), Elena Kornilova (MSU), Diana Kulchitskaya (MSU), Anna Laletina (MSU), Anna Leonova (MSU), Alex Newman (UWT), Julia Shamporova (MSU), Amina Sheikhova (MSU), Elena Shvetsova (MSU), Alexander Solomonov (MSU), Kimberly Wynn (UWT) Photo: Kommersant Photo, TASS Photo, Eugenia Bobkova, Julia Gilchinskaya, Anna Lelatina, Anna Leonova, Elena Shvetsova, Alex Newman, Jill Carnell Danseco Cover: Alex Newman Layout: Galina Kuznetsova Graphic designer: Aleksey Spodineyko Instructors: Dr. Maria Lukina, Dr. Chris Demaske Contact:

Journalist 2009