Journalist 2010


Journalist 2010


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"Returned Russian Adoptee Sparks Treaty Talks" by Alex Newman

"Chimerica: Is It Possible?" by Pavel Koshkin

"True Industries Find Little Room To Grow" by Galen Annest

"Spanish Families Offer Small Happiness" by Oxana Andrienko

"Russian-American Partnership In Environmental Protection" by Alexander Solomonov

"Green Cars Get Greener" by Amy Koenig

"Life In Dance" by Julia Gilichinskaya

"Revolutionary Art Moves From Japan To Europe To The Northwest" by Monica Jonen

"Writing a Ghost Story" by Anna Laletina and Julia Gilichinskaya

"Criminal Dawn" by Marisa Petrich

"Music As A Visual Art" by Julia Gilichinskaya and Alexander Solomonov

"The Importance Of Laughter" by Anna Laletina

"The Son Of Manhattan On MSU Campus" by Anna Laletina

"Is There Superman In Russian TV And Movies?" by Julia Gilichinskaya

"Dmitry Oreshkin About Terrorism: NOT PUNISH BUT PREVENT" by Pavel Koshkin

"Russian-American Reset: Afterwards" by Pavel Koshkin

"Blog Journalism In The USA, China and Russia" by Pavel Koshkin

"Faces In The Crowd" by Alexander Solomonov

"Cloudy Skies" by Anna Laletina

"Getting The Shot" by Benjamin Toombs

"Sand" by Amy Koenig

"Venomous Nectar" by Alex Newman

"Keeper" by Alex Newman

"24 Hours and Counting" by Amy Koenig

"3360 Minutes" by Amy Koenig

"'dik-shə-ner-ē" by Todd Schlaudraff

"I'm Sorry" by Amy Koenig

"Picking Battles" by Alex Newman

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2010


Communication | Journalism Studies


Staff: Oxana Andrienko (writer), Galen Annest (writer), John Basara (web producer), Dr. Chris Demaske (professor), Aydrian Elliot (writer), Julia Gilichinskaya (writer), Monica Jonen (writer), Amy Koenig (writer and graphics designer), Pavel Koshkin (editor-in-chief), Diana Kulchitskaya (copy editor), Anna Laletina (writer and photographer), Dr. Maria Lukina (professor), Alex Newman (writer), Marisa Petrich (writer), Todd Schlaudraff (writer), Alexander Solomonov (writer and photographer), Benjamin Toombs (photographer), Kimberly Wynn (editor-in-chief)

Journalist 2010