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"Massive Open Online Courses" by Eva Revear

"Get Higher" by Lillie Mazitova

"Expat Life" by Sofia Dzyuba

"MSU/UWT Celebrates 10 Years"

"American and Russian Companies: Rethinking Priorities" by Maria Eremina

"My Roman Holiday" by Margaret Lundberg

"Photographing Tacoma" by Kylie Lanthorn, Ashley Cameron

"Moscow in Movies" by Elizabeth Markova

"Climbing in Any Weather" by Joanna Jensen

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2013


Communication | Journalism Studies


Staff: Rachel Ervin (editor-in-chief, UWT), Millie Mazitova (editor-in-chief, MSU), Margaret Lundberg (UWT), Maria Eremina (MSU), Kylie Lanthorn (UWT), Sofiya Dzyuva (MSU), Joanna Jensen (UWT), Elizabeth Markova (MSU), Ashley Cameron (UWT), Kelly Wilson (UWT), Eva Revear (UWT) Graphics & Cover Design: Yana Andriesh (MSU) Design & Layout: Donna Kopmar (UWT) Instructors: Dr. Chris Demaske, Dr. Maria Lukina Special thanks to: Maksim Rusev, Chelsi Harrell, Ashley Mathews, Madeleine Ervin, Zach Johnson, Tim Kapler, Sandra Spadoni, Ingrid Walker, Jenn Adrien, Tracey Norris, Naarah McDonald, Adriene Ione Special thanks also to: the University of Washington Tacoma, the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Programs at UWT and Moscow State University Department of Journalism Address: 1900 Commerce St., Tacoma, WA 98402 Contact:

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