Date Completed

Winter 3-13-2014

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work



Returning to the community from jail is a complex transition for most offenders, as well as for their families and communities. Upon reentering society, former offenders are likely to struggle with substance abuse, lack of adequate education and job skills, limited housing options, and mental health issues. This project illuminates the difficulties that adults face as they transition out of jails back to the community and presents a model of a one-stop-shop that is designed to include all the transition resources an adult may need to successfully re-integrate back to the community after incarceration, all housed at one, easily accessible location. Community providers in Pierce County need to facilitate meeting the basic needs of adults transitioning out of jail in order to reduce recidivism and increase community safety. Community re-entry goals are to increase public safety through reduced recidivism (long-term goal), to maximize opportunities for former offenders returning to the community (short-term goal) and to support family and community reintegration for persons previously incarcerated. The core objectives that can be expected as a result of participation in the Pierce County One-Stop-Shop are that ex-offenders will be able to meet their basic needs and meet release requirements for court and/or community supervision. Offender re-entry, the transition from life in jail or prison to life in the community, can have profound implications for public safety. Given the number of individuals under criminal justice supervision in the community, offender reentry continues to garner considerable attention from researchers and practitioners alike.