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Spring 3-13-2014

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Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


When schools and families support each other, students of all backgrounds and various abilities achieve at higher levels. Research indicates levels of parental engagement tends to decline as children progress through the educational system. Parents need to understand and transform their roles to become collaborative co-educators as their children transition from elementary to middle school in order to improve academic outcomes. This intervention, a summer workshop series for parents of children in or approaching middle school, aims to increase home-based and school-based activities and strategies which foster parental engagement. Participants will attend four workshops and be provided interactive workbook to guide and encourage engagement efforts throughout the academic year. This intervention assists parents in transforming their roles in order to remain engaged as their children progress through education system and their needs change. Parents will be able to create and customize new strategies and activities that can be implemented at home to foster learning environments and become aware of existing strategies and activities currently available through their child’s school. The overall goal is to increase active participation, communication, and collaboration to educate the whole child to ensure student academic achievement.


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Capstone Poster.pdf (318 kB)
Capstone Poster

Workshop 1 Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators.pdf (1664 kB)
Workshop 1-Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators

Workshop 2 Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators.pdf (2032 kB)
Workshop 2-Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators

Workshop 3 Transfroming our Roles as Co-Educators.pdf (2110 kB)
Workshop 3-Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators

Workshop 4 Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators.pptx (650 kB)
Workshop 4-Transforming our Roles as Co-Educators

Interactive Workbook.pdf (788 kB)
Interactive Workbook

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