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Spring 2015

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Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


A number of social justice issues, ranging from sexual assault to economic equality, disproportionately affect women and persons who represent a challenge to heteronormativity. Holding a privileged position among other gender identities in society, and representing slightly less than half of the population, it is important for men to be involved in addressing these issues of gender inequity. A review of literature and interviews with key informants found that building awareness of gender equity issues with a social justice or human rights oriented perspective through education and service learning opportunities, promoting men’s involvement without reinforcing hegemonic masculinity, discussing how the beliefs and systems that support gender inequity harm men, and providing opportunities for men to gradually learn more about gender equity are vital components to increasing men’s participation in advancing gender equity. Utilizing feminist, social learning, and empowerment theories, this intervention incorporates the findings from the literature and key informants into an eight-week open-group program for male college students with a goal of increasing participants' understanding of gender equity and organizations they can partner with to actively support gender equity.


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