Date Completed

Spring 2015

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


The following is an online awareness intervention designed to reduce anti-immigrant sentiment and myth throughout the greater community by means of an educational toolkit. The foundation of this toolkit was designed using macro level theoretical intervention frameworks. The content is grounded in empirically based interpersonal communication strategies specialized in addressing anti-immigrant sentiment. The goal of this toolkit is to provide a source for humanizing and factual education especially for those who are unfamiliar with immigrant community members. The intervention achieves this goal by means of three specific elements: 1) Humanizing and inspiring personal stories from immigrants in the local community who have overcome structural and cultural barriers to reach high levels of success; 2) infographics designed to educate community members by presenting factual data which refutes common anti-immigrant myths; and 3) avenues for inspired members to become active in immigration related social change and learn more about the benefits of immigrants to any community. Additional documents include the “Supporting Rationale and Introduction to The HEAR.US Project.”


The HEAR.US Project toolkit may also be found by visiting the Tacoma Community House homepage and selecting the “Resources” tab:

Rationale and Introduction - HEAR.US.pdf (354 kB)
Supporting Rationale and Introduction