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Winter 2016

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Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


After separating from the service, soldiers often have a difficult time reentering the civilian world. These difficulties become evident in their work place, family environment, with their finances, and through engagement in unlawful behavior due to mental instability, among other factors. The military’s culture of stigmatizing seeking help with mental issues as a sign of “weakness” leaves soldiers vulnerable after separation. Academic research and key informants give insight into the need for making resources more readily available to soldiers. Combining Orem’s Self-Care and Planned Behavioral theories will help change the views of military personnel on mental health and diffuse their distrust in mental health care services. This project promotes soldiers’ overall well-being when still in service and after they are discharged. A Safe Place for Soldiers is an intervention with two parts: 1) a website that soldiers can access to assess their needs and be connected to resources in their community, and 2) a counselor’s curriculum to ensure the website is being used and to break the stigma associated with seeking help. The intent is to minimize the added stress soldiers encounter when attempting to reenter civilian life and to help them navigate the transition as smoothly as possible.


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