Date Completed

Winter 3-14-2021

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Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work



An individual’s control over their reproductive future is essential. The creators of the LARC pass program were motivated to create an anti-poverty and anti-racist approach to providing the best methods of contraception after witnessing the many systemic inequities exposed by the tumult of 2020. Research has shown that many marginalized Americans, including teens and young adults, people of color, those living in poverty and those experiencing homelessness utilize government subsidized clinics to attempt to meet their health and reproductive needs. Promising research shows that when access to free or low-cost contraception (LARC) is provided, abortion and maternal mortality rates decline. As creators examined successful programs, they were inspired to design an intervention that would start small but have a framework that could be expanded. LARC pass is that program, designed to provide no-cost, LARC to a specific group whose socio-economic status causes them to be reliant on public transport and government subsidized medical care.

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Data Collection Form

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Employee Training Curriculum

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Clinician Training Curriculum