Date Completed

Spring 3-11-2022

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


My capstone project started with a qualitative research study exploring the value of music through the voices of Autistic adults, for without their voices—whether verbal, non-verbal, or verbally limited—it is difficult to know what the value of music is in their lives. The inclusion and leadership of Neurodivergent Black, Indigenous, and students of color (BIPOC) in the UWT Neurodiverse community is one focus of this project; the other is to provide a community space for all Neurodivergent students at UWT to feel welcome and safe, create art, and support each other. Square Pegs Community Arts on Campus is built on the premise that engaging in the co-creation of any art form improves quality of life. Regarding community, one of the most damaging campaigns of the COVID-19 pandemic has been social distancing. Many Neurodivergent BIPOC students have experienced loneliness, anxiety, depression, and exclusion from the white Neurodivergent community, who also experience the same mental health issues, due to fewer opportunities for creative social engagement. My capstone seeks to build a new student alliance on the UWT campus. Connections between all Neurodivergent students and their allies will be nurtured through a diverse array of arts activities, and engage a trauma informed care approach to peer support. BIPOC Neurodivergent student leadership positions will be supported through monthly stipends.