Submissions from 2022


Institutional procedural discrimination, institutional racism, and other institutional discrimination: A nursing research example, Sungwon Lim, Doris M. Boutain, Eunjung Kim, Robin A. Evans‐Agnew, Sanithia Parker, and Rebekah Maldonado Nofziger

Submissions from 2021


Reproductive justice and black lives: A concept analysis for public health nursing, Kathryn Burger, Robin Evans‐Agnew, and Susan L. Johnson

Submissions from 2020

Provider perceptions of mHealth engagement for low-resourced, safety-net communities, Sharon S. Laing, Pilar Ocampo, Carlota Ocampo, Joicy Caravalho, Gerizim Perez, and Stacey Baugh


Multiples Over Models: Interrogating the Past and Collectively Reimagining the Future of Menstrual Sensemaking, Uba Backonja, Sarah E. Fox, Amanda Menking, and Jordan Eschler


Measuring Our Success in Teaching Latinos about Asthma and Home Environments: Lessons Learned from an Intervention Developed through Photovoice, Robin Evans-Agnew, Alejandra Trujillo, Maria Tinajera, Silvia Alonso, and Julie Marie Postma

Negotiating Authorship, Katie A. Haerling and Susan Prion

Parental readiness for hospital discharge as a mediator between quality of discharge teaching and parental self-efficacy in parents of preterm infants, Weichao Yuwen, Wenzhe Hua, Jane M. Simoni, Jie Yan, and Jiang Liping

ENVISION: A Tool to Improve Communication in Hospice Interdisciplinary Team Meetings, Uba Backonja, Karla T. Washington, George Demiris, Debra Parker Oliver, Meredith Norfleet, Claire J. Han, and Mihail Popescu

RWJF's Future of Nursing's Campaign for Action: A Content Analysis of Social Determinants of Health Activities, Denise Drevdahl, Mary K. Canales, and Shawn M. Kneipp

Being a Real Nurse: A Secondary Qualitative Analysis of How Public Health Nurses Rework Their Work Identities, Denise Drevdahl and Mary K. Canales

How Patient-Generated Health Data and Patient-Reported Outcomes Affect Patient–Clinician Relationships: A Systematic Review, Uba Backonja, Ross J. Lordon, Sean P. Mikles, Laura Kneale, Heather L. Evans, Sean A. Munson, and William B. Lober


Ethics in Photovoice: A Response to Teti, Robin Evans-Agnew and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg

A Wizard-of-Oz Interface and Persona-based Methodology for Collecting Health Counseling Dialog, Weichao Yuwen, William R. Kearns, Neha Kaura, Myra Divina, Cuong Vo, Dong Si, and Teresa Ward


Technology’s Role in Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in Working Rural Women: A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Analysis, Sharon S. Laing, Muhammad Alsayid, Katheryn Christiansen, and Kathleen Shannon Dorcy

Visualizations Integrated Into Consumer Health Technologies Support Self-management of Chronic Diseases: A Systematic Review, Uba Backonja and Maichou Lor

Physical Activity Support Predicts Safety-Net Patients' Digital Health-Care Engagement: Implications for Patient Care Delivery, Sharon S. Laing, Ryan Sterling, and Carlota Ocampo

Advancing Our Specialty: What a Difference Two Years Make, Patsy Maloney

Facilitating Pathways To Care: A Qualitative Study Of The Self-Reported Needs And Coping Skills Of Caregivers Of Young Adults Diagnosed With Early Psychosis, Uba Backonja, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Benjamin Buck, Maria Monroe-DeVita, and Elaine Walsh

Adiposity and Endometriosis Severity and Typology, Uba Backonja, Jiyoung Byun, Matthew C. Peterson, Robert N. Taylor, Joseph B. Stanford, Kristina L. Allen-Brady, Ken R. Smith, Germaine M. Buck Louis, and Karen C. Schliep

Identifying Community Priorities for Neighborhood Livability: Engaging Neighborhood Residents to Facilitate Community Assessment, David Reyes and Karen Meyer

Submissions from 2019

Family Experiences Prior to the Initiation of Care for First-Episode Psychosis: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Studies, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Oladunni Oluwoye, Elizabeth Fraser, Bryony Stokes, and Michael G. McDonell

Visualizations Integrated Into Consumer Health Technologies Support Self-management of Chronic Diseases: A Systematic Review, Uba Backonja and Maichou Lor


Flying by the seat of their pants: A grounded theory of school nurse case management, Nicole J. Klein and Robin Evans‐Agnew


Citizen Science to Further Precision Medicine: From Vision to Implementation, Uba Backonja, Carolyn Petersen, Robin R. Austin, Hugo Campos, Arlene E. Chung, Pei-Yun S. Hsueh, Eric B. Hekler, Katherine K. Kim, Anthony Pho, Anthony Solomonides, Liz Salmi, and Rupa S. Valdez

Engaging With Aging: A Framework for Managing Daily Living, Janet Primomo, Doris L. Carnevali, and Basia Belza

Advancing Our Understanding of Engaging With Aging, Janet Primomo and Basia Belza

“It May Be a Bit Uncertain But It's Never Boring”: Thematic Analysis of a Blog About Engaging With Aging, Janet Primomo, Yan Su, Shumenghui Zhai, Boeun Kim, Christina E. Miyawaki, and Basia Belza

Identifying Community Priorities For Neighborhood Livability: Engaging Neighborhood Residents To Facilitate Community Assessment, David Reyes and Karen Meyer

Three Years’ Experience, Patsy Maloney and Mary G. Harper

Flying by the Seat of Their Pants: A Grounded Theory of School Nurse Case Management, Nicole J. Klein and Robin Evans‐Agnew

Defining Menstrual Literacy With the Aim of Evaluating Mobile Menstrual Tracking Applications., J. Eschler, A. Menking, S. Fox, and U. Backonja

Meritorious Academic Partnership Designation: Recognizing Nursing Professional Development in Graduate Curricula, Patsy Maloney, Mary Harper, Kathleen Burke, Susan Keim, and Larissa Morgan


Nursing Partnership to Enhance Oncology Nurse Expertise and Capacity in Kampala, Uganda, Arlyce Jo Coumar and Kathleen Shannon Dorcy

Incivility and Clinical Performance, Teamwork, and Emotions: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Susan L. Johnson, Katie A. Haerling, Weichao Yuwen, Van Huynh, and Chi Le

Factors Related to Intention to Leave and Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses at a Large Psychiatric Hospital, John Kagwe, Salene Jones, and Susan L. Johnson

Meritorious Academic Partnership (MAP) Designation Program, Mary Harper and Patsy Maloney

Nursing Professional Development’s Spirit of Inquiry Focus Areas, Mary G. Harper, Joan I. Warren, Dora Bradley, Susan L. Bindon, and Patsy Maloney

Workplace Bullying, Biased Behaviours and Performance Review in the Nursing Profession: A Qualitative Study, S.L. Johnson

Participatory Pilot of an Art-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Adolescent Girls With Headache, Elin A. Björling, Christine Stevens, and Narayan B. Singh


Federal Weatherization and Health Education Team Up: Process Evaluation of a New Strategy to Improve Health Equity for People With Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Rachael De Souza, Robin Evans-Agnew, and Christine Espina

Data, Capacity-Building, and Training Needs to Address Rural Health Inequities in the Northwest United States: A Qualitative Study, B. Bekemeier, S. Park, U. Backonja, I. Ornelas, and A.M. Turner

Workplace Bullying in the Nursing Profession, Susan Johnson

Ninety Years and Counting: The Past, Present, and Future of the Nursing Professional Development Specialty, P. Maloney and L. Woolforde

Submissions from 2018


Creating Emancipatory Dialogues About Identity and Health by Modernizing Interviews, Doris M. Boutain, Robin Evans-Agnew, Fuqin Liu, and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg


Uniting Action Research and Citizen Science: Examining the Opportunities for Mutual Benefit Between Two Movements Through a Woodsmoke Photovoice Study, Robin A. Evans-Agnew and Chris Eberhardt

Examining Age-Related Differences in Functional Domain Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Nai-Ching Chi, Ellita Williams, and Hilaire J. Thompson

Mobile Health Technology Knowledge and Practices Among Patients of Safety-Net Health Systems in Washington State and Washington, DC, Sharon Laing, Muhammad Alsayid, Carlota Ocampo, and Stacey Baugh

Affordable and Effective Healthcare Might Simply Be Mobile Health Care, Sharon S. Laing

Workplace Bullying in the Healthcare Sector, Susan Johnson

Comfort and Attitudes Towards Robots Among Young, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study, U. Backonja, A.K. Hall, I. Painter, L. Kneale, A. Lazar, M. Cakmak, H.J. Thompson, and G. Demiris

Letter to the Editor: Public Health Nursing, M.K. Canales, D.J. Drevdahl, and S.M. Kneipp

Nursing and the Social Determinants of Health, Denise J. Drevdahl and Shawn M. Kneipp

Culture Shifts: From Cultural to Structural Theorizing in Nursing, D.J. Drevdahl

Asthma Disparity Photovoice: The Discourses of Black Adolescent and Public Health Policymakers, R.A. Evans-Agnew

Development and Pilot Testing of a Bilingual Environmental Health Assessment Tool to Promote Asthma-Friendly Childcares, R.A. Evans-Agnew, J. Postma, R.M. Hershberg, E. Trujilio, M. Tinajera, and Ariana Ochoa Ochoa Camacho

Opportunities in the Integration of Primary Care and Public Health Nursing: Two Case Exemplars on Physical Activity and Nutrition, Robin A. Evans-Agnew, Kala A. Mayer, and Lori L. Miller

Relationship Between Nursing Professional Development and the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Primary Accreditation Framework, M.G. Harper and P. Maloney

Psychological and Autonomic Correlates of Emotion Dysregulation Among Women in Substance Use Disorder Treatment, C.J. Price, S.E. Crowell, K.C. Pike, S.C. Cheng, M. Puzia, and E.A. Thompson

Immediate Effects of Interoceptive Awareness Training Through Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy (MABT) for Women in Substance Use Disorder Treatment, C.J. Price, E.A. Thompson, S.E. Crowell, K. Pike, S.C. Cheng, S. Parent, and C. Hooven

Submissions from 2017

From Manageable to Losing Control: A Grounded Theory Study of Psychosis Risk Syndrome, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Karen G. Schepp, Chen-Chung Liu, Barbara G. McGrath, Elaine Walsh, and Eleanor Chen

A Qualitative Analysis of Information Sharing in Hospice Interdisciplinary Group Meetings, Karla Washington, Uba Backonja, George Demris, Debra Oliver, Alexandria Lewis, and Jeffrey Swarz

Public Health Nurses' Graduate Education Decision Making Processes, Denise J. Drevdahl and Mary K. Canales

Acceptance and Perceived Usefulness of Robots to Assist With Activities of Daily Living and Healthcare Tasks, Amanda K. Hall, Uba Backonja, Ian Painter, Maya Cakmak, Minjung Sung, Timothy Lau, Hilaire J. Thompson, and George Demiris

Photovoice and Youth Empowerment in Environmental Justice Research: A Pilot Study Examining Woodsmoke Pollution in a Pacific Northwest Community, Mattie B. Brickle and Robin Evans-Agnew

Advancing Nursing Research in the Visual Era: Reenvisioning the Photovoice Process Across Phenomenological, Grounded Theory, and Critical Theory Methodologies, Robin A. Evans-Agnew, Doris M. Boutain, and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg

Dose–Response Relationships of Multisensory Intervention on Hospitalized Patients With Chronic Schizophrenia, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Wen-Shin Hsu, Shu-Hua Shen, Mei-Chi Hsu, and Mei-Feng Lin

How Could Nurse Researchers Apply Theory to Generate Knowledge More Efficiently?, M. Lor, Uba Backonja, and D.R. Lauver

Millennials in the Association for Nursing Professional Development: Out of Place or the Perfect Fit?, P. Maloney and V. Cameron

Educator Preparedness for Mental Health in Adolescents: Opportunities for School Nurse Leadership, T. Smith-Fromm and R.A. Evans-Agnew

Submissions from 2016

Vulnerability, Stress, and Support in the Disease Trajectory From Prodrome to Diagnosed Schizophrenia: Diathesis-Stress-Support Model, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Elaine Walsh, and Karen G. Schepp

Early Intervention in Schizophrenia: A Literature Review, Sunny Chieh Cheng and Karen G. Schepp

Anxiety and Depression Mediate the Relationship Between Perceived Workplace Health Support and Presenteeism: A Cross-Sectional Analysis, Sharon S. Laing and Salene M. Jones

Applying Critical Discourse Analysis in Health Policy Research: Case Studies in Regional, Organizational, and Global Health, Robin A. Evans-Agnew, Susan Johnson, Fuqin Liu, and Doris M. Boutain

Mobile Technology and Promoting Health Equity for Low-Income Patients, Sharon Laing, Cindy Mendez-Hernandez, Carlota Ocampo, and Stacy Baugh

Biomedical Informatics Advancing the National Health Agenda: The AMIA 2015 Year-In-Review in Clinical and Consumer Informatics, Kirk Roberts, Mary Regina Boland, Lisiane Pruinelli, Jina Dcruz, Andrew Berry, Mattias Georgsson, Rebecca Hazen, Raymond F. Sarmiento, and Uba Backonja

Reproductive Health Knowledge Among African American Women Enrolled in a Clinic-Based Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Psychosocial and Behavioral Risk: Project DC-HOPE, Uba Backonja, Candace A. Robledo, Maeve E. Wallace, Katrina F. Flores, and Michele Kiely

Sexual and Physical Abuse and Gynecologic Disorders, K. C. Schliep, Sunni L. Mumford, Erica B. Johnstone, C. Matthew Peterson, Howard T. Sharp, Joseph B. Stanford, Zhen Chen, Uba Backonja, and Maeve E. Wallace

Women's Reproductive History Before the Diagnosis of Incident Endometriosis, Germaine M. Louis, Uba Backonja, Karen C. Schliep, Liping Sun, C. Matthew Peterson, and Zhen Chen


Interoceptive Awareness Among Women in Treatment for Chemical Dependency in Response to Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Cynthia Price, and Carole Hooven

Design and Usability of Interactive User Profiles for Online Health Communities, Andrea L. Hartzler, Bridget Weis, Carly Cahill, Wanda Pratt, Albert Park, Uba Backonja, and David W. McDonald

Leveraging Cues From Person-Generated Health Data for Peer Matching in Online Communities, Andrea L. Hartzler, Megan N. Taylor, Albert Park, Troy Griffiths, Uba Backonja, David W. McDonald, Sam Wahbeh, Cory Brown, and Wanda Pratt

Overall Adiposity, Adipose Tissue Distribution, and Endometriosis: A Systematic Review, Uba Backonja, Germaine M. Buck Louis, and Diane R. Lauver


"Mi Niño Con Asma": Hispanic/Latina Mothers, Environmental Justice, and Photovoice at the Front Lines of the Asthma Epidemic, Robin Evans-Agnew, Julie Postma, and Lee Sledd

Rater Bias in Simulation Performance Assessment: Examining the Effect of Participant Race/Ethnicity, K. Adamson

Making Sense of Methods and Measurement: Cost-Effectiveness Research, K.A. Adamson and S. Prion

Making Sense of Methods and Measurement: Validation Part I, K.A. Adamson, S. Prion, and M. Gilbert

Senior Tech: The Next Generation: Health Informatics Solutions for Older Adults Living in the Community, Uba Backonja, Laura Kneale, George Demiris, and Hilaire J. Thompson

Asthma Management Disparities: A Photovoice Investigation With African American Youth, R. Evans-Agnew

Questioning Photovoice Research: Whose Voice?, R.A. Evans-Agnew and M.-A.S. Rosemberg

Asthma Education: Five Key Messages, Robin Evans-Agnew and Cindy Cooper

Community Health Needs Assessments: Expanding the Boundaries of Nursing Education in Population Health, Robin Evans-Agnew, David Reyes, Janet Primomo, Karen Meyer, and Corrie Matlock-Hightower

Nursing Professional Development: Revision of the Scope and Standards of Practice, M.G. Harper and P. Maloney

ANPD's Call to Convention: Pittsburgh, PA, "City of Bridges", P. Maloney

ANPD Strategic Plan: Organizational Transformation, P. Maloney

Transforming ANPD Through Membership Engagement and Leadership, P. Maloney

Closing the Gap: Supporting Patients' Transition to Self-Management After Hospitalization, Ari H. Pollack, Uba Backonja, Andrew D. Miller, Sonali R. Mishra, Maher Khelifi, Logan Kendall, and Wanda Pratt

Submissions from 2015

Asthma Management in Educational Settings: Implementing Guideline-Based Care in Washington State Schools, Robin A. Evans-Agnew, Nicole Klein, and Sally Lecce

Workplace Bullying Prevention: A Critical Discourse Analysis, Susan L. Johnson

An Investigation of Organizational and Regulatory Discourses of Workplace Bullying, Susan L. Johnson, Doris M. Boutain, Jenny H.-C. Tsai, and Arnold B. Castro

An Exploration of Managers' Discourses of Workplace Bullying, Susan L. Johnson, Doris M. Boutain, Jenny Hsin-Chun Tsai, Randal Beaton, and Arnold B. de Castro