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Excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service are the foundations of UW Tacoma. In a vigorous university, scholarship takes many forms and individual faculty scholarship follows distinct trajectories throughout their career. Despite this healthy diversity, faculty scholarship shares the core common value of active engagement in one’s intellectual community. Preparation of research proposals is a valued form of scholarship at UWT, providing important opportunities to hone faculty research through peer-based evaluations. The purpose of this report is to catalog the amount and recent trends in UWT research activity as evidenced by proposal writing.

In the last five years, UW Tacoma faculty and staff have more than doubled proposal submissions from 20 proposals submitted in Fiscal Year 2008 to 43 proposals in Fiscal Year 2012. So far, 7 proposals have been submitted in the first two months of FY 2013. The average size of the proposals has grown three-fold: from $116K in FY2008 to $372K in FY2012. Non-academic campus units submitted 3-5 proposals per year totaling more than $28M over the last five years.

41 different UW Tacoma faculty have submitted proposals since 2008. In FY2011, 5 faculty submitted proposals for the first time, and in FY2012, 3 faculty submitted proposals for the first time. In addition to the proposals and awards included in this report, many faculty at UWT collaborate as key personnel on proposals initiated by Principal Investigators from other UW departments and campuses. These projects are not included in proposals and awards detailed in this report. Nearly every UWT program has an active award in this category, and this type of work contributes to the research enterprise at UWT by allowing faculty here to participate in large studies and projects across UW campuses.

Not only are UW Tacoma faculty submitting more proposals than ever before, but they have been requesting larger budgets and they are successfully competing for those awards as demonstrated by the large increase in award revenue. Award revenue has increased over the last five years as well from $307K in FY 2008 to $1,748K in FY 2012, lead by expanding programs in Education and the creation of the Center for Urban Waters. Nearly every program at UWT has seen increases in proposal submissions and award revenue. In FY 2012, 37% of award revenue came from federal sponsors, 42% of award revenue came from Washington State agencies, and 21% came from other sources.