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Meeting Notes





  • Framework and timing confirmed
  • Progress and process status understood
  • Stakeholder input analysis refined
  • Critical topics explored


  1. Welcome
  2. Status Report
    • Timeline, Framework, Glossary, USU definitions
    • Steering Committee Survey Results
    • Guidance for Future Agendas
  3. Answering the Big Question (so far):
    • Stakeholder outreach report
    • What do we want to know before our visioning session?
  4. A fun activity
  5. Breakout Sessions
    • UWT IDENTITY--What have we learned from the USU survey responses so far? What are the implications for future exploration of this or other identity questions?
    • CURRENT INITIATIVES--How can we best incorporate enrollment, lower division, and diversity initiatives into the strategic plan?
    • FACTS & TRENDS--What facts and trends do we need to be mindful of as we move into our planning efforts?
    • CRITICAL QUESTIONS--What questions do you want the strategic plan to answer?
    • COMMUNITY OUTREACH--What is the best approach to connecting with the community and using community input?
  6. Wrap up