60GHz CMOS/PCB Co-Design and Phased Array Technology

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In this paper, we present a highly integrated 60 GHz CMOS/PCB single-chip digital phased array solution, embedded in QFN package. This represents a unique opportunity to develop low power 60 GHz multi-gigabit radio at a similar cost structure as a Bleutoothreg radio, addressing the needs of a multitude of bandwidth hungry wireless multimedia applications such as high definition streaming and massive side-loading. The convergence of 60 GHz CMOS digital radio, phased array technology, low power multi-gigabit mixed-signal processing low cost filter, phased array antenna embedded in standard package is discussed. In addition, uncompressed HDMI video streaming is demonstrated for the first time, using a standard battery (AAA) operated compact 60 GHz CMOS/PCB QFN based module. These solutions offer the lowest energy per bit transmitted wirelessly at multi-gigabit rate, reported till date, to meet the very stringent low-power specifications for battery operated consumer electronic portable devices.

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2009 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

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