Optical Intensity Modulator Using Inverted Slot Line at 60GHz

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The inverted slot line (ISL) structure which has been proposed for millimeter-wave LiNbO_3 optical modulator is found very simple in structure, and also is capable of easily achieving the perfect velocity matching between carrier and modulating waves. The excellent performance of the ISL optical modulator has already been demonstrated in X-band and the successful operation of this modulator in the millimeter-wave frequency band is also theoretically predicted. This paper describes our recent development of a Mach-Zehnder Ti-diffused LiNbO_3 optical intensity modulator using the ISL which is fabricated and tested at 60 GHz. A new structure of balun which is made from semirigid coaxial cable is used to launch millimeter-waves successfully into the ISL ensuring minimum transition losses. Phase modulation depth of 125 rad could be estimated both theoretically as well as experimentally at an optical wavelength of 0.633μm with approximately 60 mW millimeter-wave power at 60 GHz.

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IEICE Technical Report. Microwaves



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