QoS-Aware IIoT Microservices Architecture

E. Al-Masri, University of Washington Tacoma


Data has become a strategic driver for the success of existing IIoT applications particularly in uncovering valuable insights and enabling smarter, faster decision making. A key enabler for harnessing the power of this data and integrating it into IIoT applications is through the use of RESTful APIs and microservices. The problem, however, is that IIoT applications do not take into consideration the dynamism of service-based environments. The Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics of microservices may fluctuate during their lifecycle. We propose a solution to this problem by considering the microservices' QoS properties when integrating microservices in IIoT applications. Using our microservice QoS-aware monitoring scheme, it is then possible to establish an overall assessment of a microservice's behavior in delivering the required functionality. © 2018 IEEE.