Cloe Petricca - Merging Nature & Cities-Urban Design Master Plan

Cloe Petricca, University of Washington Tacoma
Bara Safarova, University of Washington Tacoma
Anaid Yerena, University of Washington Tacoma


With the implementation of the new Sound Transit Light Rail (ST3 PLAN) extending from Seattle to Tacoma, the region anticipates growth. In accordance to the Request for Proposal by the City of Tacoma, I propose an overall Urban Design Master Plan that creates designs solutions to the growing urban fabric by enhancing the cityscape through sustainable measures that tackle issues of pollution and climate resiliency to absorb stresses that maintain functions in the face of external stresses of Climate Change. I want to tackle concerns of climate change by revealing changes to the region that preserve and retrofit the existing urban fabric through environmental strategies that incorporate green infrastructure that strengthen the regions connection to earth by beginning to heal the earth. Reducing the inequalities that our earth and people face will help to bridge us all together by merging us into one.