Mark Garnica - Tacoma Dome Center - Transportation

Mark Garnica, University of Washington Tacoma
Bara Safarova, University of Washington Tacoma
Anaid Yerena, University of Washington Tacoma


The TDC project goal is achieving Transit Oriented Development to reform the industrialized Tacoma Dome District into modernized urban area where it offers various amenities and transportation option that will replace traditional vehicle oriented system.

The goal is planning scale and it came from the environment of Tacoma Dome District. The current Dome District is somewhere stuck between industrial area and transport hub, the area doesn’t have a clear function or purpose other than being a parking lot for Tacoma Dome event or commuters. UWT area, Foss Water way, and many places that are connected with light rail will benefit from TDC reform by increasing the flow of public transportation users and decreaing vehicle traffic. Also many business around Freighthouse Square will benefit from TDC reform. It is urgent to reform because the area is starting to isolating itself from its environment. Many people starting to think it’s a dead area with big parking lot. Because Dome District has light rail, train to Seattle, and future transportation expansion, it’s a perfect place to practice Transit Oriented Development. Just need other amenitites.