Zachary Vue - Rethinking Public Space at UWT

Zachary Vue, University of Washington Tacoma
Bara Safarova, University of Washington Tacoma


As of starting projects two, three, and four. Our main focus of the site to work on was the area inside the red square box. This site is around the UW Tacoma area. Starting out of Project two had us create spacial analysis’s to the sites in many diferent ways, for example the circulation of traffic or where public spaces are to private spaces. Durring working on these anaysis’s, I had to find points of concerns and problems. With those problems found, I also had to come up with ideas or ways on how to solve them. Working on project three was where we would introduce our proposal to our audiences. I shared my ideas on a urban design framework, my proposed site plan, and proposed site section. As for project four, this was part was to make my proposal look clean and professional with 3D rendering photos and with a 2D rendered site plan. The site section you will see in 3D is also highly detailed.