About the Repository

As part of a three year pilot project beginning in the summer of 2012, the UW Tacoma Library is using the Digital Commons digital repository platform. Digital Commons is a third-party hosting service offered by Berkeley Electronic Press that supports a wide array of online publications and archiving capabilities for faculty publications, theses, conference proceedings, journal hosting, online publishing, among others To get an idea of what’s possible, as well as to explore other institutions using this service, please visit the Digital Commons website.

The UW Tacoma Library Digital Commons promotes open access by preserving and making publicly accessible the scholarly and creative work produced by members of the UW Tacoma campus community. We seek to gather in a single online repository materials that support teaching, learning, and research at UW Tacoma, including faculty publications, student research, data sets, image collections, online journals, and conference proceedings.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and submitting content to this digital repository, please contact taclibdc@uw.edu.