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Fall 2014


Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs) are an urban containment tool used historically as part of the growth management movement on the West Coast of the U.S. Growth management, in its many forms, can be hard to define, measure, or grant credence to its effectiveness. This study asks if UGBs are working in the region to preserve the study areas rural character as it sits on the outer rim of the Seattle-Tacoma region’s UGB. A brief literature review focuses on growth management and UGBs as they pertain to the study area in Pierce County, WA. After an overview of the study areas geographic woes, permit data and parcel information analysis is utilized to create a two dimensional model of housing infill. The methodology is easily attained and applicable as an indicator to easily measure UGBs in the study area, and those with similar characteristics. Its results provide a simple UGB evaluation tool that can, and should, be cross-referenced with other growth management indicators in the region.


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