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T WOMN 101 E


Natalie Jolly


This zine project will specifically address the topic of Womanism and its importance of inclusion of all women specifically women of color. Within the topic of womanism, there will be discussion of issues surrounding inclusiveness amongst race, class, and gender. As well key points to follow will be the way we intersect gender and racial discrimination in the workforce. Also, socioeconomic status including quality of life and health including mental and physical health will be important key points to follow. The scope of my research will feature pieces from scholarly articles, statistics, and visuals to tie my findings together. I expect my reader to take away a more inclusive outlook on women after viewing my piece. As well as to have a better understanding of the topic of womanism and its importance in today’s world.


Spring 6-2-2020


Womanism, Equality, Social justice, Reform, Race, Class, Gender

Womanism: The Fight for Social Equality