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TSOC 455 Sociology of Gender


Dr. Natalie Jolly


For this week’s unit, Gender at work, I chose to focus my investigation on gender in the computing industry. More specifically, the goal of my research was to uncover some of the reasons behind the lack of female representation in the computer science world. As a minority in computer science, this investigation has been very personal to me because it has allowed me to learn more about some of the institutional oppressors that have been adopted over time to further marginalize minority populations and allow a certain demographic to flourish. As you may have learned from our previous discussions and explorations in Sociology, that demographic is the average white, able-bodied, Christian male. I have reviewed a plethora of scholarly articles and have made note of some of the frequent themes that have led to the lack of female representation in computer science, and have compiled all these claims and conversations into this presentation. My findings have been astonishing, to say the least, and I am happy to share this information with you in the slides to come.


Fall 2020


women, gender, computer science, stem, sociology

Women in Computer Science