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T SOC 555: The Sociology of Gender


Natalie Jolly


The notions of gender transgression and gender policing served as the basis for this presentation. Looking at the historical representations in media, major stories in the social awareness of transgender people, and transfeminist politics of the modern era allowed a freedom to look at the roots of trans-misogyny from multiple lenses. I wanted to humanize transgender people and simultaneously address a major question of the day. Namely do trans people have the right to exist in public spaces? This led to several related questions to help frame the issue on a historical and sociological basis and allow a synthesis of the two. I’m also asking why is femininity not more warmly embraced as part of the social justice struggle for gender equality? Why is it seen as inferior to masculinity? Why is gender socialization framed mostly in binary terms instead of acknowledging the variety of gender expression that actually exists? Why is gender fluidity not brought up when discussing gender discrimination? In choosing quotations I wanted to include the best of the writers and theorists from the recent wave of trans activism that has taken place since the 1990s. Additionally, by focusing an entire page on Christine Jorgensen, she is placed at the center of the modern transgender experience where her story belongs. As the first American to receive gender reassignment surgery her impact upon popular culture and trans awareness is staggering, like an atom bomb going off in the middle of the staid cultural landscape of 1950s America.


Fall 11-8-2017


cross dressing, gender performance, gender policing, gender socialization, transfeminism, transgender activism, transgender bathrooms, transgender females, transgender males, trans-misogyny


American Politics | Gender and Sexuality | History of Gender | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Political History | Social History | Sociology of Culture

Transgender policing & pushing the boundaries 1850s to 2010s