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Matthew Kelly


Introduction:There are various forms of air pollution with some of the most common caused by human activities. Some types of air pollution are from point sources and from mobile sources. Point sources of air pollution replaces that are stationary, usually major industrial facilities that put out a certain amount of pollutants each year. Mobile sources include automobiles such as cars, trucks and buses. Automobiles have been closely linked with increasing levels of air pollution in urban areas (Bhandari, et al. ND). The most common form of traffic pollution is carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (Hansen et al 2007). With increased traffic volume and air pollution can lead to population health problems (Afshar and Delvar, 2007). Specifically, people who live in areas that are exposed to high levels of these pollutants are at risk for increased respiratory related illnesses. For example, nitrogen oxides can prompt an allergic reaction (Batchelder, 2006). What regions in Washington State have the highest population density and are exposed to high levels of traffic pollution, and point source carbon monoxide and point source nitrogen oxides? For more detailed inquiry for King and Pierce counties where are the high population, high pollution areas and what percentage of these are as have public places where people are there a lot such as schools and parks?

Washington State Regions of High Population Density with Air Pollution from Point & Mobile Sources With Focus on King & Pierce Counties Schools and Parks