Morphology, flow and sediment transport over a natural 3D dune field: Rio Paran√°, Argentina

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The morphology, flow and process mechanics of river dunes has attracted¦much interest over many years. However, many of these studies have¦concentrated on investigating two-dimensional (213) bed features and¦their associated flow structures and bed stress distributions. This¦morphological simplification imposes inherent limitations on our¦interpretation and understanding of dune form and flow dynamics, as¦natural dunes are invariably three-dimensional (313) with an associated¦fully 3D flow structure. For example, studies over 2D forms neglect the¦significant effect that lateral flow and secondary circulation may have¦on the flow structure and thus dune morphology. This paper details a¦field investigation of the interactions between the 3D morphology, 3D¦turbulent flow structure and suspended sediment movement over large¦alluvial sand dunes in the Rio Parana, NE Argentina. Fixed point and¦moving vessel surveys enabled the links between three-dimensionality,¦large-scale turbulence and sediment suspension over the dunes to be¦investigated.

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River Flow 2006: Intl. Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics

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