Bathymetric and Geophysical Surveys of the Southern End of Kluane Lake

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Initial observations of lakebed geomorphology and morphodynamic processes operating at the southern end of Kluane Lake are presented here. In August 2013, multibeam and parametric echo sounders were used to map, with high resolution, the bathymetry and sub-bottom stratigraphy of the lakebed, and an acoustic Doppler current profiler and laser grain size analyser were used to measure flow and sediment transport over the Slims River delta. A series of low-angle asymmetric sediment waves were observed on the delta top, as well as buried within the delta sediments. These older bedforms were buried as the delta prograded into the lake over the past three centuries. Other delta surface features include small scarps and channels. Drowned terraces observed on the eastern margin of the lake indicate that lake level was stable and lower than present at least four times during the Holocene, to a maximum of 47 m below present datum.

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Yukon Exploration and Geology 2013

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