Clinical Efficacy of the Individual Tests in 7 Minute Screen Test(7MS)

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OBJECTIVES: We aimed to provide standard data of the individual tests in 7MS that could generalized for Korean elderly according to age and education. We also evaluated diagnostic efficacy of each test in 7MS. METHODS: Data on demographic characteristics of 311 normals were gathered for comparison. We also assessed two differences between normal and dementia group in individual tests of 7MS. RESULTS: All individual tests of 7MS showed significant differences in sex, age, and education, except for ECR. But there were no significant differences in sex controlling age and education. As a result of ROC curve, the ability of the ECR test to discriminate between AD and normal subject appeared superior. The scores of the individual tests of 7MS among CDR 0.5 and 1 group and normal group were compared. It was also found that the ECR test stands out among 7MS tests. CONCLUSION: The 7MS, particularly ECR, had the highest sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of AD as well as early dementia. It suggests that the individual tests of 7MS are useful to predict early dementia, without using the complex logistic regression equation.

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Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association





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