Korean Males Attitudes and Behaviors on Men's Health and Erectile Dysfunction: a Qualitative Study

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PURPOSE: Erectile dysfunction(ED) impacts the quality of a man's life, both from a social and humanistic perspective. This study was performed to determine the themes, coping behaviors, and influencing factors related to men's health, with a special focus on ED, in Korean males. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Subjects for this study included 32 ED men and 32 non-ED men. A total of 8 focus group discussions were conducted for each group, separately. Inclusion into the ED group was confirmed by IIEF-5 scoring and a clinician's medical examination. Focus group discussions were audio-recorded, and the authors conducted a qualitative analysis. RESULTS: Data were categorized into the following themes: men's general health and co-morbidities, knowledge and perceptions of ED and its treatment, and health seeking bahaviors and experiences with treatment. The meaning and implications of the identified themes were considered, acknowledging both the Korean social context and the Korean health care system. ED was not only a problem of sexual function, but was also related to general men's health in both the ED and non-ED groups. The majority of men in both groups felt that sex is the most important part of their life. ED has a significant impact on the sufferer. The men with ED showed more positive thoughts about the use of sildenafil than those without ED. CONCLUSIONS: Erectile function is a very important factor in men's health and the quality of life in Korean men.

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Korean Journal of Andrology





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