Washington State Department of Transportation Electronic Information and Supporting Systems: Challenges to Effective Practice and Policy

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This project developed and initiated a content management strategy for the design and electronic delivery of multiple types of public traveler information. The results of this project enable the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to integrate coherently a wide range of available transportation-related information and effectively disseminate that information to the public. The content management strategy is based on four factors: (1) the nature of the available information, (2) the information needs and behaviors of the traveling public, (3) the informational goals of WSDOT, and (4) the evolving capabilities of emerging communications technologies. This strategy provides the framework for improving the current WSDOT traveler information website. The process for developing a content management strategy for WSDOT also serves as a model for other state and local transportation departments as they grapple with the challenge of communicating multiple types of traveler information that is developed by multiple sources, often repurposed for public use, and delivered through a single portal. The report also outlines strategies for continued adaptation of this content management strategy so that WSDOT can continue to update its information strategy and activities as the four key factors inevitably evolve.

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Transportation Northwest (TransNow), the Washington State Transportation Commission Department of Transportation and the Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC) and in cooperation with U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Division

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