'A Reasonable Affection': Gender and Spiritual Friendship in Middle English Devotional Literature for Women

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This collection seeks to make a major contribution in the field of mystical studies, bringing together the diversity of topics and approaches which Professor Valerie Lagorio herself both pioneered and encouraged. These include mystical discourse in Middle English secular poetry; the use of patristic models by the English mystics; and essays on English and Continental women's mysticism. There are also articles devoted to individual authors, such as Julian of Norwich, Richard Rolle, Teresa of Avila, and Mechtild of Magdeburg, and individual texts. A number of essays illuminate the complicated textual history of particular works; others examine the influence of earlier theological authorities on later mystical works. Importantly, the volume also contains editions and translations of previously unpublished mystical texts.ANNE CLARK BARTLETT, ROSEMARY DRAGE HALE, JOHN HIRSH, ALEXANDRA BARRATT, FRANK TOBIN, RITAMARY BRADLEY, ROBERT BOENIG, EDWIN L. CONNOR, BEVERLEY BOYD, ELIZABETH PSAKIS ARMSTRONG, MARY E. GILES, ANN HUTCHISON, GERTRUD JARON LEWIS, MARGOT KING, STEPHEN E. HAYES, JAMES HOGG, BRANT PELPHREY Professor ANNE CLARK BARTLETTteaches at the Department of English, DePaul University.

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Vox Mystica: Essays on Medieval Mysticism in Honor of Professor Valerie M. Lagorio

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