Review of Queen of the Platform by Laura Madeline Wiseman

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Many contemporary writers who research historical figures – particularly figures who are female – to use as subjects for a novel or collection of poetry, do so with the intention of “uncovering” them, dusting off the years of neglect to showcase that had they been born in the right century, they would be lauded. The contemporary writer will use their project to give the historical woman the voice she never had. What makes Queen of the Platform, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s eleventh collection of poetry so different from these other books is that the protagonist of this historical research already had a voice. A loud and influential voice. This book is less the powerful contemporary writer reaching into history to unearth something lost, and more the writer allowing herself to be lost in the rich and varied experiences of a powerful woman who has much to teach a contemporary readership about the nuances of power, gender, and the importance of language.

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