Usability Testing With Teens: Adapting Human-Centered Design and UX Methods

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Teens are a unique population with needs and communication styles that differ from adults and children. Methods in humancentered design were initially conceptualized with adults in mind, but these methods should be reexamined to include the needs of teens. In this experience report, we reflect on a project introducing teens to human-centered design and methods. As part of the project, our team created a website and series of videos. We conducted a usability evaluation on the videos and an accompanying website with teens to understand what worked well and how to make improvements. In this report, we discuss how we modified traditional usability methods and tailored them for a teen audience. We share takeaways including keep methods and tools lightweight and facilitation styles engaging and casual. We assert that modifying methods is a key consideration for conducting usability testing with any unique group of users.

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Proceedings of the 36th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication



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