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"Taking the Youth Vote" by Mariela Algara

"Civil Unrest: Two movements, separate countries, similar motives?" by Anastasiya Ivanova, Ashley Mathews

"Stars of Protests" by Alexander Novichenko

"St. Patrick's Day, Moscow-style" by Ashley Mathews, Maria Tyurina

"Social Networks Battle for Dominance" by Maria Eremina

"Twitter Offers High-Speed Competition to Established Press" by Anna Laletina

"Backpack Moscow" by Alexander Solomonov

"Come Rain or Shine: The must see places of Western Washington" by Chelsi Harrell

All Under Control: The truth about the Big Five" by Lillie Mazitova

"Elena Vartanova: There's no unity in the journal community" by Lillie Mazitova, Kelsey Pasero

"The Connection Between Media, Money, and Power" by Kelsey Pasero

"Lost in Translation" by Elisabeth Markova

"Silent Artist" by Sofia Dzyuba

"Marrying Science and Fashion" by Alina Petukhova

Publication Date

Spring 3-1-2012


Communication | Journalism Studies


Staff: Alexander Novichenko (MSU), Alexander Solomonov (editor-in-chief, MSU), Alina Petukhova (MSU), Anastasiya Ivanova (MSU), Anna Laletina (MSU), Ashley Mathews (UWT), Chelsi Harrel (editor-in-chief, UWT), Elizabeth Markova (MSU), Kelsey Pasero (UWT), Lillie Mazitova (MSU), Maria Eremina (editor-in-chief, MSU), Maria Tyurina (MSU), Mariella Algara (UWT), Sofiya Dzyuba (MSU) Graphic Design: Yana Andriesh (MSU) Instructors: Dr. Maria Lukina, Dr. Chris Demaske, Diana Kulchitskaya Design & Layout: Aleksey Spodineyko, Marina Rudenko Fonts: Petersburg C, AvantGardeGothic Address: 125009, Russia, Moscow, 9 Mokhovaya Street

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