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Winter 2013

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Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Transgender youth are at increased risk for low self-esteem, depression, suicide, substance abuse, school problems, family rejection and discord, running away, homelessness, and prostitution. It is important for social workers to understand the barriers transgender individuals face when accessing healthcare, to provide context for the clinical experience, and because mental health care providers play a significant gatekeeping role for this population. According to Section 6.04 of the NASW Social Work Cultural Standards, social workers should promote conditions that encourage respect for diversity, and social workers should promote policies and practices that demonstrate respect for difference, and promote policies that safeguard the rights of and confirm equity and social justice for all people. It is in this context that this cross-systems training for teachers, medical providers, and mental health providers was created - to support and affirm gender-variant youth and their families, through increased system capacity for gender-variant youth, improved environmental cues that demonstrate safe space for gender-variant related services; and reduced barriers to accessing health care services through education to 1) better meet patients’ needs; and 2) improve their healthcare experience.


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Module I: Teachers Training

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Module II: Medical Providers Training

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Module III: Mental Health Providers Training

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